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Back up camera rear view mirror - Canon panoramic camera - Best cheap slr digital camera.

Back Up Camera Rear View Mirror

back up camera rear view mirror

    rear view
  • Drive is an American action drama television series created by Tim Minear and Ben Queen and produced by Minear, Queen, and Greg Yaitanes. It aired on the Fox network in the United States.

    back up
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still standing...

still standing...

Monday afternoon while driving home from work, northbound on I-5 I got hit by a car. Hard.

It was drizzly, the pavement was wet and rush hour was just starting to show its nasty teeth. Through the rear view mirror I could see that the car behind me was driving too fast and since all the cars in front, including mine, had come to a full stop I knew immediately that he was going to hit me, that there was no way he would be able to brake in time.

So I pressed my boot to the brake with all the pressure I could and with both hands on the wheel, hanging tight to dear life I braced for the impact.

As soon as it was over, with extremely shaky hands, I stepped out of the car to see if the other person was okay and to check in what condition the cars where. Then I went back inside my car (it was raining by then and very windy and cold) and reached for my pocketbook. Inside were my phone, my Sidekick3 and Natura Classica.

I walked out again and took multiple photos of both cars, then I asked the culprit to give me his driver's license and follow me to the station--because when you get hit by a car on a highway a few meters away from the I-90 exit in rush hour traffic that is the last place in the world you need to hang around in. I definitely did not want to end in one of those nightmarish stories you see on the evening news, you know the kind.

So he followed me downtown. In the meantime I called Mr. C who is in Alaska for the week, mum, Giselle and let them know what had happened. I parked next to my neighborhood's police station at 8th & Virginia and from there I had an officer call the State Trooper to file the report.

The trooper ticketed the young man (21 yr old driver), I received copy of the report, I hand wrote as much information as I could and the rest I just captured with the cameras--the other driver's evidence of insurance form and again took pictures of all documents, plates and license, etc.

A few minutes later I called my friend Su and since we could both use some company and comfort food we went to Tamarind Tree for dinner.

Yesterday, I woke up with terrible spasms so I had to cancel my work load for the day. I called my doctor and went to see her at 4:30. There are a couple s that need to be filled, no driving or working until Monday, and a dozen physical and massage therapy sessions to start. My family practice group is in Bellevue and by the time we were done it was 5:30pm. So instead of getting stuck for an hour on 520 I drove to Moghul Palace for dinner.

I believe there is nothing so bad that can't be fixed by a lovely dinner of beautiful naan, curry, mango lassi and rice pudding. ;-)

Then I went home, just in time to catch American Idol with my friend Kris. After the show was over I took the Lorazepam and Gato and I went to bed, falling asleep to disc 2 of Prime Suspect 4.

Dealing with the car can wait.

Dark of the Moon : Ultimate Optimus Prime (back 2)

Dark of the Moon : Ultimate Optimus Prime (back 2)

Where to even begin with this guy...well, too many hours went into him, I can say that for starters. This is my interpretation of the "Ultimate" Optimus Prime, although he doesn't have an alt mode, this custom has countless articulation (literally, I am too lazy to count it all) and other cool stuff. There are 10 LED lights on this custom. all with accessible batteries.

Here's the list of modifications and extras :
- Custom built hands each with articulated wrists and 10 points of articulation
- 2 interchangable heads via ball joint socket, including the "Ultimate" battle mask, with clear visor
- Each head "plugs" into a working blue LED light
- Custom built wings which can be positioned/spread
- Custom jetpack with red light up LEDs
- Sound/voice chip including a handful of power-up noises and phrases like "I am Optimus Prime"
- Custom thrusters (not jetpack) with another pair of working red LEDs
- Custom fit "Dark of the Moon" abs and torso
- Custom rear-view mirrors on chest
- Hand painted and pin-striped flames with fade
- Removable/snap-on energon swords (each with light up red LED light)
- Custom built gun, snaps into forearm, with light up red LED light)
- Custom waist area armor, with swivel side parts
- Legs include articulation at upper thigh (allowing swivel outwards)
- Feet on strong, tight ball joints
- Gatling guns on both forearms, with ammo belts
- Towers at 12" / 30.5 cm tall
- Weighs 35.8 oz, 2.2 lbs!

back up camera rear view mirror

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