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Bench grinder buffing wheel. Elite wheels.

Bench Grinder Buffing Wheel

bench grinder buffing wheel

    bench grinder
  • A bench grinder is a type of benchtop grinding machine used to drive abrasive wheels. A pedestal grinder is a larger version of a bench grinder that is mounted on a pedestal, which is bolted to the floor.

  • Table-mounted machine often used to cut shafts prior to assembly. Used with two attachments; one commonly is a cut-off wheel and the other is a grinding or buffing wheel. Can also be set up with a belt sander attachment.

  • Critical for a complete workshop, a grinder can buff, clean, polish, sharpen and remove rust, among many uses.

    buffing wheel
  • a wheel that is covered with soft material

  • machine driving wheel with a muslin or flannel disc for bringing polymer to a shine

bench grinder buffing wheel - JET 577103

JET 577103 10-Inch Industrial Bench Grinder

JET 577103 10-Inch Industrial Bench Grinder

If you have things that need cleaning, sharpening, buffing, removing rust, or removing burs from metal, then you need this JET 10in. Industrial Bench Grinder. Features heavy-duty construction with powerful, long-life motor for use all day, every day. It comes standard with fine and coarse vitrified grinding wheels, cast iron wheel guards and dust vents, and more. Wheel Diameter (in.): 10, Speed (RPM): 1,725, HP: 1 1/2, Switch Type: Toggle, Wheel Included: Yes, Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 25 x 13 x 13

Perfect for cleaning, sharpening, buffing, removing rust, or removing burs from metal, the Jet 577103 JBG-8A bench grinder comes with industrial-grade 24-grit and 46-grit 10-inch wheels for maximum versatility. The 1-horsepower, 115-volt motor operates at 1,725 rpm and delivers plenty of power for heavy grinding. The grinder sits on a rubber foot to prevent unwanted movement and can be bolted down if desired for maximum stability. This 10-inch model also includes a heavy-duty guarded toggle switch.
Jet 577103
The Jet 577103 features totally enclosed pre-lubricated ball bearings, cast-iron wheel guards and dust vents, one-piece quick adjusting spark guards, and large eye shields with quick adjustment for maximum safety. It's backed by a 2-year limited warranty.
What's in the Box
One Jet 577103 JBG-10A bench grinder, two 10-inch wheels (24-grit and 46-grit), hardware, and operating and assembly instructions.
Motor: 1-1/2 horsepower, 1 phase, 115 volt
Wheel diameter: 10-inch diameter, 1-inch thickness
Wheel speed: 1,725 rpm
Wheel grits: 24 and 46
Shaft diameter: 1-inch
Dimensions: 24-1/2 inches by 12-1/4 inches by 13 inches
Warranty: 2 years, limited
At a Glance
577103 JBG-10A
Bench Grinder
At a Glance:
1-1/2-horsepower, 1-phase motor

Totally enclosed pre-lubricated ball bearings

Includes two 10-inch wheels (24-grit and 46-grit)

Heavy-duty guarded toggle switch
Large eye shields with quick adjustment

Two-year limited warranty

At a Glance

77% (10)

Acquaintance Giveaway: Dunlap 6" Bench Grinder

Acquaintance Giveaway: Dunlap 6

Let everybody know you are a tool-aholic and the offers will start coming in. A friend of the family was moving to Egypt and offered this before he left. Egypt runs on 110v but at a different frequency making the tool unusable over there.

Photo after a complete break down, wire brushing, and WD-40 bath.

MRG 03201

MRG 03201

This is my bench grinder setup. I use the right side for polishing and buffing (with various multi-finish and polishing wheels) and the left side is for grinding.

bench grinder buffing wheel

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