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Lil Rocker 5th Wheel Hitch : Holiday Rambler 5th Wheel : Axis Wheels Uk.

Lil Rocker 5th Wheel Hitch

lil rocker 5th wheel hitch

  • an attendant who rocks a child in a cradle

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lil rocker 5th wheel hitch - Lil Characters

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Monster Costume, Blue/Yellow/Orange, Medium

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Monster Costume, Blue/Yellow/Orange, Medium

This isn't a monster that will create nightmares, but he's definitely one for sweet dreams. Our Lil' Monster Infant Costume is functional with its lined, zippered jumpsuit, attached hood and slip-on booties with non-skid soles. The jumpsuit is light blue velour-look fabric with front yellow insert accented with orange polka dots. Yellow toenails and matching pointed yellow teeth are cute additions. Tufts of matching blue and lime green fur accent the hood, shoulders, wrist cuffs and leg cuffs to add even more character to this little monster's look. Horns of yellow with orange stripes protrude from the sides of the monster's hood. This monster's big eyes of blue and white are prominent features on the hood. The booties of our baby monster costume feature skid resistant bottoms making them ideal for beginner walkers and are for indoor use only. This is one hable little monster and will fit right in with Sulley and the other monsters from Pixar's animated film Monsters, Inc with the help of our monster costume for babies.

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Rocker Mayham

Rocker Mayham

This guy was on top of a bus roof wailing away with his guitar! and I-- was on top of the roof my SUV taking his picture!! Crazy day at the parade but fun---
Rocker Mayham May 2011 Parade IMG_0413

Rockers, John & Skippy

Rockers, John & Skippy

Rockers Johnny T and Skippy pictured around 1980. John is still a Rocker today and Skippy now rides a trike, his last bike was a Triumph TR6 oil in the frame Tiger.

lil rocker 5th wheel hitch

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