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Newest 18 wheels of steel game : Free wheel alignment.

Newest 18 Wheels Of Steel Game

newest 18 wheels of steel game

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New Zealand Landscape Hawea Sunrise

New Zealand Landscape Hawea Sunrise

New Zealand Landscape Hawea Sunrise: One of the least discovered spectacular places in New Zealand. I can't stand the hype of Queenstown - It does nothing for me. But Hawea is just perfect - Nothing like have this entire panorama all to yourself on an early spring morning.

More Felt- 1 'old' and the rest new as of this week!

More Felt- 1 'old' and the rest new as of this week!

And sets of felt to come.

New photos of 'old' work- one of my next projects.

The idea behind this is 'Colour as a Jewel'.

These ones are filled with a little handcut circles of felt. But I also used pom-pom balls. They were great little round balls of fluffy colour.

newest 18 wheels of steel game

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