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Kryptonite lock bike - Cute bike baskets.

Kryptonite Lock Bike

kryptonite lock bike

    kryptonite lock
  • The Kryptonite lock is an Ingersoll Rand-owned brand of bicycle lock for securing a bicycle to a pole or other fixture, when the owner wants to leave the bicycle in a public place.

  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

  • bicycle: ride a bicycle

  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

Birthday Violation

Birthday Violation

On March 21st at 9:30pm, I biked to the new Target in Uptown and locked my bike at the bike parking in front of the store by the Aldi/Parking entrance. (About 10 feet from the revolving door and Target's security cameras)

After 45 minutes, I left the store and saw a guy hunched over my bike with his back facing me. Since this Kryptonite lock is as old as my bike (4 years) and this model is widely considered one of the best locks out there, I was feeling cocky.

Fool! What makes him think he can break through my lock?

I ask him in a stern voice: "CAN I HELP YOU?"

"Oh, I was... my friend left his bike here and I was looking for it."


And then I turned away from him. Since the bike was still there, it was no harm no foul.

That's when I saw the lock.

I turned around and he was gone.

It took him less than 40 min. to cut into my lock and he heavily scarred my bike frame as he desperately tried to pry the lock open to steal the bike. The New York Lock is a double deadbolt which means he would've been there all night prying and it wouldn't go anywhere. He would have to cut both sides to get to the bike. I'm hoping he ruined his saw blade on the first cut so he couldn't use those tools again. I can only hope.

Kryptonite Lock 1

Kryptonite Lock 1

This lock was on my old bike, in a holder, but...locked around the frame. I lost the key years ago, so I finally decided to see how tough these stupid things are.

Two cutoff discs later...

kryptonite lock bike

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