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Top Hybrid Bicycles

top hybrid bicycles

    hybrid bicycles
  • A hybrid bicycle is a bicycle designed for general-purpose utility and commuting on a wide variety of surfaces, including paved and unpaved roads, paths and trails. It combines features from the road bike and the mountain bike, and includes variants such as the city bike, cross bike and commuter.

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The Other Kind Of Hybrid Vehicle

The Other Kind Of Hybrid Vehicle

Check out this sweet motorbike/bicycle combo. And yes, this guy PEDALLED this thing around all day. It reached a top speed slightly slower than walking pace and turned like the Queen Mary, but gee, it looks great!

Cirque du Cycling parade and bicycle races, Mississippi Ave, June 14th 2008.

Specialized Sirrus near top of Ridgeview Drive

Specialized Sirrus near top of Ridgeview Drive

Top of a steep climb in El Dorado Hills, CA. I put super-low climbing gears on my hybrid (Shimano MegaRange 11-34 cassette and 24-tooth small front chainring), so I needed to test the bike properly ;)

top hybrid bicycles

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