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What To Cook For Your Boyfriend

what to cook for your boyfriend

  • a man who is the lover of a girl or young woman; "if I'd known he was her boyfriend I wouldn't have asked"

  • A regular male companion with whom one has a romantic or sexual relationship

  • A boyfriend is a person's regular male companion in a romantic and/or sexual relationship , though normally not in long-term committed (e.g. marital) relationships, where other titles (e.g. husband, partner) are more commonly used.

  • Boyfriend is the name of 5566's second studio album. The title track, Boyfriend, was the group's first attempt at an English song. Two repackages of the album were released.

  • Prepare (food, a dish, or a meal) by combining and heating the ingredients in various ways

  • English navigator who claimed the east coast of Australia for Britain and discovered several Pacific islands (1728-1779)

  • (of food) Be heated so that the condition required for eating is reached

  • Heat food and cause it to thicken and reduce in volume

  • someone who cooks food

  • prepare a hot meal; "My husband doesn't cook"

The name we love , Jung Yoogeun

The name we love , Jung Yoogeun

My everything. ^3^ I shall talk about their growth and what hairstyle I liked the most aha. For dubu onew oppa leader chicken maniac, he didn't really change alot. Still have that small but attracting pair of eyes and the brightest smile ever. His voice is so beautiful and he can be really cute at times. But what I loved most about him is onew condition and his love for chickens! His nicest hairstyle was around the romeo period. I don't really like his rdd hairstyle, abit fail though. For sexychick blingbling Jonghyun oppa, his sexinesssssss always make me drool. K like srsly he's sucha hottie man! :D But to be honest, I don't like ahjjong the most just by looking at the appearance at the replay time. It was until when I heard his angellic and perfect voice!!! I will not be able to sleep at night if I didn't listen to him singing in the day. Until the rdd period, I got really shocked by his cool blonde hair. It's so unique that you won't find any hairstyle that looked like that while walking on the street. Even if you've found any, you would prolly think that person is crazy or sth. But that hairstyle just fit our jonghyunie oppa so well! :B His new hairstyle is great too (not in the pix), but I just find it abit strange not to see him in blonde hair. Yep my fav hairstyle of him is definitely the blonde hair! For cool cat almighty key kimkibum oppa, his hairstyle is the coolest during the rdd period too. And if you do not know, key oppa was my first bias during the replay time idk why. o_o I love key oppa's personality too. That is why the blonde hair seem to fit him very well, making him looked more friendly and cute. But like what I've mentioned in my older posts, I like him in black hair the most, with a few strands of pink highlights and cornrows. His hairstyle is very special too, and whenever I saw someone with hairstyle similar to him, I'll say wahseh this person copied our key ley lol. -stares- And our key oppa can dance very well too. I really enjoy seeing him dancing girl group dances~ For flaming charisma frog prince minho oppa, his change is quite big from the replay time to rdd. His hairstyle omg!!!!!! Okiez thank god the hairstylist changed his mushroom hairstyle. I don't like it. :( And yeah, the curly long hair fits him better. I go crazy over oppa's adam apple and his longgggggg legs omg lol. He's also very sporty and tall, that's why alot of people said he would make a very good and perfect boyfriend. Well he also looked good in pretty much everything! :3 Especially his school uniform and suit! He's a rapper in shinee and his rap is fucking sexy and hawt. Yepppp, he's called flaming charisma because of that. ;) Lastly, the maknae of shinee, my bb boy taemin. He looked like a small little cute boy so that's why the noonas like him. Wtf he's mine kkkk. Why everytime noonaaaaaaaa. -.- And he's fucking cute and innocent no matter what he does. He got those pair of big and charming eyes that will make you faint if you were to look at him. And his killer smile zomgwtf brb dying. How can anyone not like this cute boy? If you think he only got the appearance then you're wrong, bb's not only cute but he's talented. He knows how to play piano and did you see him dance before? His dance skill is srsly !@#$%^&*)(*&^%$#@#$%^&*&^%$# *screamsssss* You gotta admit his smile is the most adorable thing in the world. Aha, yes that's why I love him alot. He's only 15 when he debut wow same age as me now. Didn't really change alot but become cuterrrrrrrrrr. I love his maggie mee and the hairstyle in THJ the most. He looked really young and cute in them *o*!!!!!! His cuteness always kill me. Yeppppppp, I died alot of times because of him. (L)

ahhhhh yes this is my bb taemin. Bb's always so cute, no matter wut he does. Srsly I can't get taeminnie bb out of my mind, thinking of him all the time and worrying about him. Indeed, my life has changed so much after being a shinee fangirl. Quarrelled with parents umpteen times because of fangirling, grades deproving and etcs. Oh and being a fangirl is srsly expensive omg. I shall not count the amount of money spent on fangirling because I think I'll be like this O_O because I could have bought like maybe hundreds over piece of clothings for myself if I didn't spent those money on fangirling lol. But I don't regret it at allllllllllll. Maybe for nao, yes. :') Shinee hwaiting!

Almighty key kimkibum. ;) And yes, if any of you don't understand the meaning of 'almighty', watch this video and you'll understand. Aw our dear key oppa is so awsmz. Cool cat meow meow. ^^v This dude may looked very cool and he's sucha thoughtful and sweeeeeeet boy ~ He's the only child and that's why he treats my bb very well and cook for him all that. I guess he wanted a brother to takecare of, maybe? But anw thx oppa you rox.

Seeing onew oppa's pix of brothers were brave made me happy. He seemed to enjoy himself alot! And another reason is because his musical is

My Story Multan to Milpitas(Character of Sergeant Raj Maharaj)

My Story Multan to Milpitas(Character of Sergeant Raj Maharaj)

Sergeant Raj Maharag's character is very positive in my story he is that person who told me first time that I am right the step I have taken was right. I have told you guys when talked about Miss Schinnerer that the day I was afraid of my EX that he will beat me because when he asked me on the road, "Don't go to the school for volunteer go back to home." I said, " I am going there for volunteer for my son" he answered, "Nahi tu appney yaron se milny ja rahi hai." Believe me we usually use YAR as DUDE in english however as I have live in his family I know there was very bad meanings of YAR and that was the problem his mom and sisters usually talked in this way "Os aurat ne YArI lai li thi kisi gela" that means being in a wrong sexual relation ship (wrong means if she has a husband she has a boyfriend same time(boy friebnd boley tuuuuu:D: yeah boy friend. The day I decide to go forward because that was the limits of keeping me in unnecessary limits. I always been afraid that oh oh he is suspicious about me but that day I feel how long??? it will go like this ?? and when I was going to forgive him again Miss Schinnerer dialed the number of MPD and asked me to talk to them and in less then 15 minutes Police Officer Raj Maharaj was there he was able to understand Urdu but insisted me to talk in English and I don't know how I have select the words to tell my story but I salute Miss Schinnerer and late Mrs. Brant were taking care of Muawiz and Mueed for two hours.
Why I just recall all things today my sister still has that letter I received from deputy Ronald Pierre Dixon from District Attorney's office :) Any ways Officer Maharaj was so patience and quitly just listened to me with respect( well when you feel some one is listening to you with full attention you feel respected." That was the thing i have said before for Desi Social Work Organizations their behaviour is so different just listen to us you are nothing. I want to say to them give that person time when she will be mentally prepared she will take necessary steps.
So when in evening Sargent Maharj arrived with his fellow officer. My EX was in bathroom and I talked to him and Mahraj listen to that and then he asked me to sit on couch in living room and asked his question that I have heard you were talking about phone. why don't you allow her to call her parents?? Sajjad answered no I don't say not call them I just say Call them when I am home so I can talk to them too. Officer Maharaj: She is an adult she can call them any time when she wants. You may call them on your own and EX was quite (I know must be boiling in heart):D:D: and what about volunteer work you don't like her to volunteer for your son's class???EX says, " Well i want she has to clean the house first and then go to the school." Sargent asked his fellow did you see this house?? He said, YES! how you feel?? He said, " House is very clean and tidy." and Mahraj asked Sajjad that what do you think just cooking & cleaning is important or your child's education??? He answered, "CLEANNG THE HOME" Sargent said, " If I would be your place my answer will be my child's education and she is volunteering for your child. and giving him MIranda warning arrested him:D:D:D:D and my EX said, " you have done very wrong you not have to do this." and Sargent Raj Mharaj before going out when his fellow officer take EX out turned to me and said, " I have heard him you take a right step, otherwise this person gonna give you very hard time now may be he will understand."Well more then him zamana gave me hard time:D; for today this is enough?? Oh yeah I cant describe how I was feeling first time I was alone with my kids at home. I did not tell any body in my community and did not even call my parents in Pakistan thinking they will be against me. but I don't know how he was able to call his sister from jail and then she told in Pakistan and his brother in Pakistan called my family and according to them he was yelling at them and they were totally unaware what happened but he was saying " yeh kaisey hu sakta hai itna bar aqadam woh tumhain bataey bagheyr uthaey??" How it os possible that his huge step she took without telling you guys?? and I told whole story to my brother and he just saidn " Hey girl you should have tell us at least after doing this so we would be prepared for this attack and he call Imtiaz back and asked him "My sister was in prision from 8 years you did not tell us a single time. SHE WAS 15 DAYS BRIDE WHEN SHE RECEIVED SALAMI OF TWO DIVORCES FROM YOUR BROTHER WHY DID NOt you told us that time?and even forbid her to call us ?? now just for three days your brother was in jail and you call us?? how??? and he said this kind of things happened in families but it did not mean to send husband to jail. Ok I am feeling well recalling those victorious moments of my life:D:D:

what to cook for your boyfriend

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