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48 round pedestal table - Card table folding chairs.

48 Round Pedestal Table

48 round pedestal table

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48 round pedestal table - 48" Single

48" Single Pedestal Inground Round Picnic Table With Vinyl Clad Expanded Steel Top and 2 Seats


This single pedestal, accessible round table is very attractive and functional with a seating compacity of 4 adults and 2 wheelchairs. The expanded metal top and seats are finished with thermoplastic UltraCoat™ to provide a long lasting brilliant appearance. This UV enhanced, hard finish material will not support the growth of mold or mildew.¶
Frame: 4" x 4" square post; 2 7/8" O.D. round support arms; all MIG welded frame¶
Hardware: All stainless steel
Planks are made of Thermoplastic UltraCoat™ application over expanded metal. This table will be shipped with expanded metal planks

82% (14)

IMG 0780

IMG 0780

Red round solid oak pedestal table with leaf. 48" diameter, 30" tall, 11" optional leaf

48 round pedestal table

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