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Tiered silver tray : Price of silver in india.

Tiered Silver Tray

tiered silver tray

  • having or arranged in tiers; "a tiered mound"

  • (tier) grade: a relative position or degree of value in a graded group; "lumber of the highest grade"

  • (tier) any one of two or more competitors who tie one another

  • Provide (mirror glass) with a backing of a silver-colored material in order to make it reflective

  • (esp. of the moon) Give a silvery appearance to

  • coat with a layer of silver or a silver amalgam; "silver the necklace"

  • a soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal; occurs in argentite and in free form; used in coins and jewelry and tableware and photography

  • made from or largely consisting of silver; "silver bracelets"

  • Coat or plate with silver

  • an open receptacle for holding or displaying or serving articles or food

  • A tray is a shallow platform designed for carrying things. It is larger than a salver, a diminutive version commonly used for lighter and smaller servings, and it can be fashioned from numerous materials, including silver, brass, sheet iron, wood, melamine, and papier-mache.

  • (Trays) Traying or "doing trays" refers to a driving technique that is similar to drifting. Trays are performed when a fast-food tray is placed under the rear tires and then engaging the handbrake.

  • A flat, shallow container with a raised rim, typically used for carrying food and drink, or for holding small items

Mid Century Chome Riveria Two Tier Serving Tray

Mid Century Chome Riveria Two Tier Serving Tray

This is a lovely serving tray that has some unusual details that are sure to make it stand out at your next party. It is a double tiered tray that has 3 separate sections on each level. Each section is rounded nicely and the bottom of each section is etched with a stylized star. To top off the tray the gold handle is uniquely ornate, very much Eames era styling.

This tray is in lovely condition, only the handle shows some minor wear. It is etched Riviera Chrome Japan on the bottom. It is 12 inches high, the top tray is 7.5 inches across and the bottom 10.5 across

Upcycled mosaic Tiered Trays

Upcycled mosaic Tiered Trays

My own creation from silver and chrome trays, vintage blue Japanese china, and 1920s etched champaign glasses. A pretty pedestal available in two separate pieces.

tiered silver tray

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