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Buy Wooden Floor

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Skritur Pęr Denez en ul lizher / Llawysgrifen Pęr Denez mewn llythyr

Skritur Pęr Denez en ul lizher / Llawysgrifen Pęr Denez mewn llythyr

Per Denez's handwriting in a letter

PER DENEZ, skrivagner, geriadurour, yezhour, ha stourmer evit ar brezhoneg, zo aet d'an Anaon d’an oad a 90 vloaz e Rovelieg, d'an 29 a viz Gouhere, 2011.

Kelenner emeritus Skol-Veur Roazhon 2
Dr honoris causa Skol-Veur Kembre
Dr honoris causa Skol-Veur Iwerzhon
Priz Ramon Llul

Ra vo skanv douar Breizh evitan.

Bu farw Per Denez, llywydd anrhydeddus Cymdeithas Cymru-Llydaw, awdur, geiriadurwr, ieithydd ac ymgyrchydd dros y Llydaweg, ar 29 Gorffennaf, 2011. Mawr yw’r golled, a’i farwolaeth yn dynodi diwedd cyfnod. Bu i lawer ohonom ddysgu Llydaweg drwy ei gwrs bywiog gyda’i gymeriadau cofiadwy ac mae llawer ohonom hefyd wedi mwynhau darllen ei straeon. Cyfieithwyd amryw ohonynt i’r Gymraeg. Pan ddeuai i Gymru darlithiai ar y Llydaweg weithiau yn Llydaweg ac weithiau yn Gymraeg.

Pierre Denis dit Per Denez est mort le 29 Juillet, 2011, a l'age de 90 ans.
Figure illustre de la Bretagne, linguiste, lexicographe et professeur d’universite, il etait ne a Rennes le 3 fevrier 1921. Ancien president du conseil culturel de Bretagne, il a egalement preside le Conseil scientifique et d'animation de l'Institut culturel de Bretagne.

En 1981 il permet la creation d'une licence de breton, et est elu par Armor Magazine Breton de l'annee.

Per Denez, author, translator, linguist, lexicographer and campaigner for the Breton language died, aged 90, on 29 July, 2011.

Emeritus Professor at Rennes 2 Universiity Rennes 2
Dr honoris causa University of Wales
Dr honoris causa University of Ireland
Awarded the Ramon Llul Prize

Envorennou Per Denez diwar-benn ar planchodou gwechall e Roazhon:

“…e lojeiz mignoned deomp, a oa o chom e kreiz ker Roazhon (straed Beaumanoir) ha va mamm a gave an dra-se ken kaer! Laouen e vije bet o kaout unan evel-se en he zi, - ha me ivez! Muioc’h a blijadur am befe bet o koaran anezhan - hag un dra a bouez war va c’halon, pa’z eus bet distrujet, war-lerc’h ar brezel, ur bern tiez brav kozh e Roazhon, a oa tu da brenan karezennou planchod evel-se evit nebeut a dra. Keuz am eus c’hoazh breman! peogwir ne’m eus ket hen graet.”

Atgofion Per Denez am y lloriau pren ers llawer dydd yn Roazhon (Rennes):

“… mewn llety ffrindiau inni, a oedd yn byw yng nghanol dinas Roazhon (straed Beaumanoir) ac ’roedd Mam yn meddwl bod hynny mor hardd! Buasai’n falch o gael un tebyg yn ei thy, a minnau hefyd! Buaswn wedi cael mwy byth o bleser yn rhoi sglein arno – a dyma rywbeth sy’n dal i bwyso ar fy nghalon, oherwydd, wedi’r Rhyfel, pan ddinistriwyd llawer o hen dai hardd yn Roazhon, ’roedd modd prynu blociau pren llawr felly am fawr ddim. ’Rwy’n dal yn edifar yn awr! am na phrynais i ddim.”

Recollections of Per Denez about the wooden flooring in the old days at Roazhon (Rennes):

“…in the lodgings of friends of ours who lived in Roazhon city centre (rue Beaumanoir), and my mother thought they were so beautiful! She’d have been glad to have had one of those in her house – and so would I. I’d have had even more pleasure polishing it! – and that’s something which still weighs on my heart, as, after the War, when many beautiful old houses were destroyed at Roazhon, it was possible to buy wooden floor blocks like that for a song. It’s still a regret today! that I didn’t buy any.”

Custom WingThing™ shirt for my neighbor VS I think I become a FashionChomba™

Custom WingThing™ shirt for my neighbor VS I think I become a FashionChomba™

I am converting slowly into a FashionChomba™ but it's fun to customize clothes. I have neighbor that lives above me, her name is Cathy. I think with Y at the end. She asked me to customize her regular C&A shirt so she bought me some colors for clothes. This shirt is not made with spraycans, it's made with color for textiles. It's handpainted and she asks me for 3 weeks If I am already finished lol. I need the right moment and today it was. These were her fav colors she chose…I hope so, haha. Well I think it turned out pretty well.

buy wooden floor

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