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1 2 Ccd Camera. Day Network Camera.

1 2 Ccd Camera

1 2 ccd camera

    ccd camera
  • A charge-coupled device (CCD) is a device for the movement of electrical charge, usually from within the device to an area where the charge can be manipulated, for example conversion into a digital value. This is achieved by "shifting" the signals between stages within the device one at a time.

  • Short for "charge-coupled device." A CCD is a light-sensitive electronic detector widely used in making astronomical images. Sensitive over a wide range of wavelengths, and much more efficient than emulsion in gathering light, CCDs are often used to image extremely faint objects.

  • A Charge Coupled Device, or CCD camera, converts light into electrical charges. This type of camera is used often in astrophotography.

    1 2
  • A 1-2 (pronounced "one, two") is a difficult gymnastics floor move. The name is derived from the fact that the move consists of a single twist followed by a double twist on both the horizontal and vertical axes.

Camera obscura

Camera obscura

A kamera a camera obscura latin kifejezesbol szarmazo elnevezes, amelyet a magyar atvett filmfelvevo es videokamera ertelemben, de ujabban az angol hatasara a fenykepezogep elnevezesere is hasznaljak.

Egy optikai lencsekbol es fenyvedett reszbol allo szerkezet. A lencsek egy zarszerkezeten keresztul kepet vetitenek egy rogzito feluletre (analog filmre vagy digitalis CCD-re).

A hiradastechnikaban az atviteli rendszer eleme, kepek vagy kepsorozatok optikai kepet idoben valtozo elektromos jelle alakito lekepezo rendszer. Kimeno jele a videojel, amely szinkron es szinkodolasi (peldaul PAL) informaciokat tartalmaz.

A szerkezetrol annyit, hogy egy alapvetoen is jo minosegu Canon HV30-as az alapja a keszuleknek. Erre egy Prodof adaptert szereltunk amire Canon ef bajonettu es M42-es atalakitoval regi analog obikat rakunk. Ezek az obik egy tejuvegre vetitik a kepet amit a kamera beepitett objektivje rogzit. Igy tudunk elerni nagyfilmes hatast. Melysegelesseg, rendes bokeh, 35mm-es filmes latoszog es igy 2,35:1-hez keparany. Par szoban a technikarol.

Bubble Nebula, M52 and NGC 7538 (Ha)

Bubble Nebula, M52 and NGC 7538 (Ha)

The Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635) right of centre, Open Cluster M52 (NGC 7654) lower right and NGC 7538 upper left.

Shot from my back yard observatory in Fremont Michigan over 2 nights, the 23rd and 25th August while the moon was high this is my first attempt at shooting in hydrogen alpha using the Canon 5D Mark II. Consisting of 51 x 10 minute exposures. Totalling 8.5 hours. I added a layer of luminance during final processing in CS3.
I had intended to add a similar amount of subs in OIII but things dont always go to plan do they. Oh well perhaps next full moon I may add some more if the weatherman sends some clear skies.
Thanks for looking.
Clear Skies

Date of Shoot 23rd and 25th August 2010
Camera: modified Canon 5D Mark II
51x10 min sub exposures with 30 each flats and dark frames.
Scope: TMB130SS F7 Refractor using WO/TMB 2.7" Field Flattener.
Auto-guided with Orion Auto Guider on Stellarvue 10x60
Mount: CGE PRO GEM (pier mounted)
Image Acquired using Nebulosity II, stacked with Deep Sky Stacker and processed with Photoshop CS3.

1 2 ccd camera

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