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Gold Aquamarine Ring. 2007 Buffalo Gold Coin.

Gold Aquamarine Ring

gold aquamarine ring

  • a transparent variety of beryl that is blue green in color

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  • Aquamarine is a color that is a pale bright tint of spring green toned toward cyan. It is named after the mineral aquamarine, a gemstone mainly found in granite rocks. The first recorded use of aquamarine as a color name in English was in 1598.

  • A light bluish-green color

  • A yellow precious metal, the chemical element of atomic number 79, valued esp. for use in jewelry and decoration, and to guarantee the value of currencies

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  • A deep lustrous yellow or yellow-brown color

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gold aquamarine ring - 10k White

10k White Gold Pear Shaped Aquamarine 3-Stone Ring with Diamond-Accent, Size 7

10k White Gold Pear Shaped Aquamarine 3-Stone Ring with Diamond-Accent, Size 7

This 10k Gold Pear Shaped Aquamarine Three Stone Ring with Diamond Accent brilliantly combines soft coloring with dazzling accents for a striking result. A lustrous 10k gold base is stunningly set with three glistening, aquamarine gemstones, with the largest, pear-cut stone in the center and two smaller, circular stones on its sides. These magnificently colored gems are brilliantly accented by sparkling round diamonds on either side. Glamorous yet softly serene, this elegant ring is sure to catch the eye.

76% (15)



My moms ring that she took off when she and my grandma were talking about rings i was bored so i took a pic of it

Aquamarine ring

Aquamarine ring

Silver, 18k gold and aquamarine ring

gold aquamarine ring

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