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Barry Goldberg was a regular fixture in the white blues firmament of the mid-'60s that seemed to stretch from Chicago to New York. A keyboardist (organ seemed to be his specialty), Barry was an in-demand session man he appears with Michael Bloomfield on a Mitch Ryder album, for instance along with Al Kooper and his blues-playing contemporary from the original Butterfield band, Mark Naftalin. Goldberg was a member of Charlie Musselwhite's first band, contributing great piano and organ lines to the Stand Back! album (his work on "Cristo Redentor" is moody and introspective, with a strong jazz-inflected feel, while still retaining strong blues roots) and a handful of others throughout the decade.

Produced by Bob Dylan (who also sings and plays percussion) and Jerry Wexler and spotlighting Barry Goldberg the songwriter (his keyboard playing usually stole the show), this 1974 LP won widespread praise but the version released has been haunting Barry for decades. The missing Muscle Shoals vocals have now finally been replaced; unreleased songs join Shady Hotel ; It s Not the Spotlight ; I ve Got to Use My Imagination (Barry wrote the Gladys Knight smash), and more. A long-awaited CD debut and restoration!

Barry Goldberg was a founding member of the band The Electric Flag with Nick Gravenites and Michael Bloomfield. You’ve heard his keyboard skills many times on the classic album, ‘Super Session’ with Al Kooper, Stephen Stills and Michael Bloomfield. He has produced many artists including Bob Dylan and has written many hit songs for artists like Joe Cocker, Rod Stewart, Gram Parsons, Steve Miller and Gladys Knight (#1 hit song – “I’ve Got To Use My Imagination”). He even played on the Mitch Ryder tune – “Devil With The Blue Dress.” Now, much to the elation of Barry Goldberg fans worldwide, ItsAboutMusic.com has released a new CD of rarities titled ‘It’s All My Vault’, featuring performances by Mick Taylor, Carla Olsen and Terry Reid. As for this album, the story is that Barry took a look around and found that he had all of these tunes just laying around in his “vault” so he turned them over to ItsAboutMusic.com so that all of his fans could now enjoy them. The label hopes it’s only volume one of this series and that he has many more tracks collecting dust that they can release in the future.


BARRY GOLDBERG - It's All My Vault (2011) @320

BARRY GOLDBERG - Barry Goldberg (1974) @320

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