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10cc - Before, During, After - The Story Of 10cc (2017)

10cc are an English rock band founded in Stockport who achieved their greatest commercial success in the 1970s. The band initially consisted of four musicians – Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley, and Lol Creme – who had written and recorded together for some three years, before assuming the name "10cc" in 1972. Every member of 10cc was a multi-instrumentalist, singer, writer and producer, and the writing teams frequently switched partners, so that Godley/Gouldman or Creme/Stewart compositions were not uncommon. After Godley and Creme left the band in 1976, Gouldman and Stewart were the main creative forces behind 10cc. Stewart left the band after 1995 and Gouldman continues to lead a touring version of 10cc. Most of the band's albums were recorded at their own Strawberry Studios (North) in Stockport and Strawberry Studios (South) in Dorking, with most of those engineered by Stewart. 10cc was co-managed by Ric Dixon and Harvey Lisberg at Kennedy Street, who had represented the individual members of the band since the mid-1960s.

The Story of 10cc, a new 10cc four-CD box set curated with input from the band to “detail each and every chapter of their musical story”. The box features the band together and apart and therefore features work from artists like Paul McCartney, the Art of Noise, Wax and Godley and Creme. CD one is basically a 10cc ‘best of’ while the second disc is dubbed ‘What We Did Next‘ and here’s where it gets interesting. Eric Stewart co-wrote six songs on Paul McCartney‘s 1986 album Press To Play and one of these tracks, Pretty Little Head, is included on disc two. However, it’s the single mix that features here, which was radically remixed by Larry Alexander for the seven-inch single. This version has never been issued on CD, so this is a genuine rarity. The other two discs are ‘And Friends‘ which features collaborations and production work, while the final CD ‘Before 10cc – The Early Years‘ which has work from early beat group The Mindbenders which featured Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman and Hotlegs which was an early incarnation of 10cc.




DISC 1 - During - Greatest Hits 1972-1978:
01 Rubber Bullets
02 Donna
03 Silly Love
04 The Dean And I
05 Life Is A Minestrone
06 The Wall Street Shuffle
07 Art For Arts Sake
08 I'm Mandy Fly Me
09 Good Morning Judge
10 The Things We Do For Love
11 Dreadlock Holiday
12 I'm Not In Love

DISC 2 - After - Post 10cc Years:
01 Under Your Thumb
02 An Englishman In New York
03 Cry
04 Wedding Bells
05 Sunburn
06 Bridge To Your Heart
07 Right Between The Eyes
08 The Ritual Parts 1-2-3
09 Pretty Little Head
10 Metaphor On The Floor (Plan 138) - Mixed By Ollies J
11 Metaphor On The Floor
12 Hooligan Crane
13 Son Of Man
14 Confessions
15 Expecting A Message
16 Man On The Moon
17 Every Single Night In Jamaica

DISC 3 - Before - The Strawberry Hit Factory:
01 Sausalito (Is The Place To Go)
02 Tampa, Florida
03 Have You Ever Been To Georgia
04 Travellin' Man
05 Crickets
06 Today
07 Umbopo
08 Safari
09 Da Doo Ron Ron
10 The Joker
11 Funky City
12 The Man With The Golden Gun
13 Roll On
14 Wicked Melinda
15 Willie Morgan
16 Pig Bin An' Gone
17 Warm Me
18 Oh Solomon
19 Boys In Blue
20 There Ain't No Umbopo

DISC 4 - Before - The Early Years:
01 A Groovy Kind Of Love
02 One More Time
03 Bus Stop
04 No Milk Today
05 For Your Love
06 Neanderthal Man
07 Desperate Dan
08 Life Child
09 Quasar One
10 That's When The Music Takes Me
11 Solitaire
12 Love Will Keep Us Together

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