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JAMES DEWAR - Stumbledown Romancer (1998)

James Dewar (1942 – 2002) was a Scottish musician best known as the bassist and vocalist for Robin Trower and Stone the Crows, the latter having its beginnings as the resident band at Burns Howff in Glasgow. Dewar's career began with Lulu and the Luvvers in the early 1960s. His career eventually reached its zenith with Robin Trower, a British rock power trio, after the 1974 release of the album Bridge of Sighs. Dewar made his mark as an acclaimed blue eyed soul singer, performing in front of sold-out stadiums and concert halls at the crest of the 1970s classic rock era. The Scot had a rich, powerful voice, with a soulful timbre, and has been regarded by critics as one of the most under-rated rock vocalists. His vocal sound was deep, gritty, and resonating, his style shows the influence of Ray Charles and Otis Redding. Like Paul Rodgers and Frankie Miller, his voice evoked a bluesy, soul-inspired sound. Dewar recorded his one solo album, Stumbledown Romancer, during the 1970s, at the height of his career, but it was not released until two decades later.

01. Out of Time 02. Goodbye Love 03. Stumbledown Romancer 04. Bright Lights 05. Hosanna 06. Love's Melody 07. Sands of Time 08. Heartbeat 09. Lay Down the Night 10. Dance with Me 11. Nature Child



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