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HARD STUFF - The Complete Purple Records Anthology 1971-1973 (2017)

Formed in London, England, in 1972, Hard Stuff comprised John Cann (guitar/vocals), Paul Hammond (drums) - both formerly of Atomic Rooster - and John Gustafson (bass; ex-Quatermass). They secured a recording contract with Purple Records, a label owned by Deep Purple, for which they completed two heavy, power trio styled, selections. Hard Stuff supported Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band on a 1973 UK tour, a musical mismatch which did much to undermine the British band’s emergent reputation. They split up in 1973, after which Gustafson became an in-demand session musician. Cann later enjoyed a novelty hit, ‘Don’t Be A Dummy’ (1979), under the name John Du Cann.

Bulletproof is the first album by the 1970s British rock band Hard Stuff. It was released on Purple Records, the Deep Purple-related record label. It also featured vocalist Harry Shaw, formerly of Curiosity Shoppe (who recorded one single on Deram), but he had left the band by the time of its release and was uncredited. The record sleeve was re-designed to remove Shaw's image (originally shown on the bottom right hand side).

Bolex Dementia is the second and final album by the 1970s British rock band Hard Stuff. During the recording of the album, two members of the band (John Cann and Paul Hammond), were injured in a serious car accident in Belgium. Cann had been sitting in the front passenger seat of their Ford Zodiac and suffered an injured back and broken ribs, while Hammond, who had been asleep in the back seat, broke both his legs. Cann spent a week in hospital in Ostend, and Hammond two months. The band managed to finish recording Bolex Dementia, but Cann later stated, "When I listen to it, it sounds a little patchy and not how we intended it to be... It still has its good moments but it's a shame it all happened the way it did." Hard Stuff split shortly after the release of the album, and the members went their separate ways. After declining to rejoin Atomic Rooster, Cann briefly joined Thin Lizzy before recording a solo album, The World's Not Big Enough. Gustafson joined Roxy Music and later the Ian Gillan Band, while Hammond continued to recover from his injuries before working with Cann on his solo album.



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