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THE ANGELS (1977 - 1980)

The Angels are an Australian rock band which formed in Adelaide in 1974 as The Keystone Angels by John Brewster on rhythm guitar and vocals, his brother Rick Brewster on lead guitar and vocals, and Bernard "Doc" Neeson on lead vocals and guitar. They were later joined by Graham "Buzz" Bidstrup on drums and vocals, and Chris Bailey on bass guitar and vocals. In 1981 Bidstrup was replaced on drums by Brent Eccles. Their studio albums on the Kent Music Report Albums Chart top 10 are No Exit (July 1979), Dark Room (June 1980), Night Attack (November 1981), Two Minute Warning (November 1984), Howling (October 1986) and Beyond Salvation (February 1990). Their top 20 singles are "No Secrets" (1980), "Into the Heat" (1981), "We Gotta Get out of This Place" (1987), "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again" (live, 1988), "Let the Night Roll On" and "Dogs Are Talking" (both 1990).

The Angels is the first album by Australian hard rock band, The Angels, which was released in August 1977. It was produced by Vanda & Young (The Easybeats) at Sydney's Albert Studios. It included a re-recorded version of their debut single, "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again" (March 1976) and provided their second single, "You're a Lady Now", in July 1977. By the mid-1980s "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again" had developed a cult status with the audience responding with "No way, get fucked, fuck off!"

Within a year of the release of their tentative debut, the Angels had come up with an absolute monster of an album. Face to Face was a watershed release in the annals of Australian hard rock, an era-defining work that stayed on the Australian charts for 79 weeks and still holds up to this day. The song writing is some of the best of the band's career; indeed many of these tracks remained live favourites. Certainly the buzzing riffs are among the catchiest that the Brewster brothers guitar team ever came up with. Also, singer Doc Neeson injected a strong theatrical edge into proceedings and there's a real swing to the bottom end (courtesy of drummer Buzz Bidstrup and bassist Chris Bailey) which, like AC/DC and Rose Tattoo, makes the music roll as much as rock.

No Exit takes the template set by Face to Face and rides it for all its worth. Once again the song writing is of a consistently high standard, the riffs are memorable and the guitars lay on the crunch factor from go to whoa. This is particularly evident on the crushing opening track "Waiting for the World", the wicked "Save Me" (which boasts a great pop chorus among the ripping guitars), the epic "No Exit", the vicious "Mr Damage" ("With a voice like a scraping violin"), the creepy, Alice Cooper-like "Dawn is Breaking", the perverse "Ivory Stairs" ("They got you dancing to a gallows tune") plus the singles "Shadow Boxer" (no Angels' gig was complete without this fist-pumping anthem) and "Out of the Blue" which is actually the quiet one of the litter but it retains much of the sneering menace of the faster cuts. This is an album with deep-seated roots in a collective psyche hell-bent on exploring the dark side. Song for song it's one of the great Oz Rock albums of the 1970s, right up there with Face to Face, Rose Tattoo's self-titled debut, Coloured Balls' Ball Power, AC/DC's Let There Be Rock and a handful of others.

Dark Room is the fourth album by Australian band The Angels, released in 1980. In June 2002, Shock Records issued The Complete Sessions 1980 - 1983. The four-disc box set included remasters of Dark Room (9 bonus tracks), Night Attack (9 bonus tracks), Watch The Red (5 bonus tracks) and The Blow (2-CD set). In June 2006, Liberation Music re-issued Dark Room from The Complete Sessions 1980 - 1983. The album peaked at number 5 on the ARIA Charts and it also peaked at number 37 on Recorded Music NZ.


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