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MAHALIA JACKSON - Oh, My Lord (2001)

General critical consensus holds Mahalia Jackson as the greatest gospel singer ever to live; a major crossover success whose popularity extended across racial divides, she was gospel's first superstar, and even decades after her death remains, for many listeners, a defining symbol of the music's transcendent power. With her singularly expressive contralto, Jackson continues to inspire the generations of vocalists who follow in her wake; among the first spiritual performers to introduce elements of blues into her music, she infused gospel with a sensuality and freedom it had never before experienced, and her artistry rewrote the rules forever.

"Oh, My Lord" is a collection in the Past Perfect Silver Line series covering the great Mahalia Jackson, with a bare minimum of liner notes and information.

01. God's Gonna Separate the Wheat From the Tares 02. Oh, My Lord 03. (I'm Goin' to) Wait Until My Changes Comes 04. I Have a Friend 05. Tired 06. Since the Fire Started Burning in My Soul 07. Jesus Is With Me 08. Bless This House 09. I Gave Up Everything to Follow Him 10. Come to Jesus 11. City Called Heaven 12. I Bow on My Knees 13. Hands of God 14. It Is Not Secret 15. Beautiful Tomorrow 16. In the Upper Room 17. He's My Light 18. Run All the Way 19. What Then 20. Nobody Knows



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