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Blues-rockers Steamhammer formed in 1968 in the British town of Worthing. The band was made up of several blues and folk band veterans who were interested in playing something new. The band was pulled onto the road almost directly after their inception by blues legend Freddie King, who needed a backing band for his European tour. By spring of the next year, they signed a contract with CBS Records and released an eponymous debut. They mixed their own material with several standards, but failed to find an audience in the over-saturated blues-rock scene. The band did become quite the live sensation, despite a lineup shift that saw original members Michael Rushton and Martin Quittenton leave the band. Their second album was another stab at the same formula, with slightly different results due to new saxophonist Steve Jollife's incredible technical skill. By the time 1970 rolled around, they recorded their "definitive" album, the critical favorite Mountains. This album gave them some minor mainstream exposure, and revealed a band who was ready to adopt the rock side of their sound much more than before. They toured afterward, but lost most of the band members throughout the journey. By the time it was over, they only had original guitarist Martin Pugh and drummer Mick Bradley in the fold. They released one more album, 1972's Speech, to poor reviews and an indifferent public. The band broke up before they could even promote the album, and Bradley died the same year of leukemia. The band never attempted to reunite, but many of the members would go on to work with each other in projects like Armageddon. - answers.com

1969 - Steamhammer (Reflection)
Steamhammer’s debut album based out of Worthing, England, was formative to the band’s success. The album featured two numbers that have remained the group’s trademarks throughout all musical and personnel changes: “Junior’s Wailing,” a blistering 12-bar blues number, with a basic riff recognizable from Brighton to Berlin, and the upbeat, “When Your Friends Have Gone”.
01. Water (Part 1) 02. Junior's Wailing 03. Lost You Too 04. She Is The Fire 05. You'll Never Know 06. Even The Clock 07. Down The Highway 08. On Your Road 09. Twenty Four Hours 10. When All Your Friends Are Gone 11. Water (Part 2)

1969 - MK II
Steamhammer’s second album produced in 1969, highlights the melodic and exciting “Supposed To Be Free,” which speaks for itself, being sandwiched between “Santana” and “Chicago” on CBS’s “Fill Your Head With Rock” album.
TRACKS: 01. Supposed To Be Free 02. Johnny Carl Morton 03. Sunset Chase 04. Contemporary Chick Con Song 05. Turn Around 06. 6/8 For Amiran 07. Passing Through 08. Down Along The Grove 09. Another Travelling Tune 10. Fran And Dee Take A Ride 11. Juniors Wailing (Single Version) 12. Windmill 13. Autumn Song 14. Blues For Passing People

1970 - Mountains
Steamhammer’s third album, features live recordings at the Lyceum in London, spotlighting the band’s signature ‘body’ music, with “Riding On the L&N” and “Walking Down the Road”, proving the quote: “Steamhammer is one of those rare groups who sound better live than on record.” The centerpiece of this album is a 14-minute live treatment of “Riding On the L&N/Hold That Train”.
TRACKS: 01. I Wouldn't Have Thought 02. Riding On The L And N 03. Hold That Train 04. Levinia 05. Henry Lane 06. Leader Of The Ring 07. Walking Down The Road 08. Mountains

1972 - Speech
"Speech", the band’s fourth and final album, produced by ex-Yardbird and Renaissance frontman Keith Relf, is the first to feature bassist Louis Cennamo, and was hailed once again for its enormous “live” sound quality.
TRACKS: 01. Penumbra 02. Telegram 03. For Against


Steamhammer (Reflection) (1969)

MK II (1969)

Mountains (1970)

Speech (1972)

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