STEVE HOWE - Homebrew 1, 2, 3, 4 (1996 / 2000)

This is a collection of Steve Howe demos mostly from the late eighties and early nineties with a few older songs tossed in. Much of this album is repetitive, as many of the tracks can be found on "Not Necessarily Acoustic: (although different versions)."At The Full Moon" and "Never Stop Learning" are early versions of ABWH's "Brother Of Mine." "Red And White" became "Birthright". "More About You" is an early form of a section of "Quartet." "Rare Birds" became "Vultures." "Big Love" mixed with his Turbulence song "Sensitive Chaos" became "I Would Have Waited Forever," (this track is the same one found on the bootleg release "We Make Believe." "Barren Land" has sections of "Order Of The Universe." The big surprise, "For This Moment" is a section of "The Revealing Science Of God," although the quality of this track is rough. All in all this is a pretty interesting release........

1996 - Homebrew 1: 01. Sketches In The Sun 02. Sharp On The Attack 03. The Valley Of Rocks 04. Georgia's Theme 05. Dorothy 06. Meadow Rag 07. At The Full Moon 08. Never Stop Learning (Howe/Downes) 09. Red And White 10. More About You 11. Rare Birds 12. Big Love 13. Running The Human Race 14. Barren Land 15. Against The Tide 16. Breakaway From It All 17. For This Moment

2000 - Homebrew 2: 01. Masquerade 02. Success Story 03. Together 04. Rhythm Of The Road 05. Separate Ways 06. Sun Carnival 07. Riviera 08. Sleepless In The City 09. The Spiral 10. The Serpentine 11. The Go Between 12. Follow Your Heart 13. Beginnings 14. Surface Tension 15. Every Time You look Over Your Shoulder 16. Cactus Boogie 17. Resistance Day 18. Wayward Course 19. Spanish Heritage 20. Outlawed 21. Mules' Head Stomp

2006 - Homebrew 3: 01. Turbulence 02. Hint Hint 03. The Main Title 04. Just a Passing Phase 05. Suddenly 06. Kind of Friends 07. Pyramidology 08. In the Course of the Day 09. Family Tree 10. Solar Winds 11. In Your World 12. No Deceiving 13. From Door to Door 14. Cruise Control 15. It's Too Late 16. Seven Castles 17. Between Your Smiles 18. Reaching Out 19. The Last Word 20. Getting Through 21. Outlawed

2009 - Homebrew 4: 01. Beginnings (Themes) 02. The Inner Battle 03. Take It In Hand 04. Mainland 05. Distant Seas 06. Wayward Course II 07. Georgia's Song 08. Solar Winds II 09. High Flyer 10. Sensitive Chaos 11. Really Know 12. White 13. Up Above Somewhere 14. Closer Than Before 15. Lily's In The Field 16. Have You Forgotten Love? 17. Go To This 18. What Am I? 19. Nothing To Cry For


STEVE HOWE - Homebrew 1 (1996) & Homebrew 2 (2000)

STEVE HOWE - Homebrew 3 (2006) & Homebrew 4 (2009)

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