THE BYRDS - (Untitled) & (Unissued) (2000)

The two-CD set Untitled/Unissued contains the Byrds' 1970 Untitled album (originally a double LP) on disc one, and 14 previously unissued alternate versions, studio recordings, and live performances on disc two. This was not the Byrds' most exciting era, but a lot of extra material existed, and Untitled was going to be reissued either way. Untitled itself was one of the Byrds' better late efforts, with an album of live material (built around updates of their most famous tunes) sharing space with uneven new studio recordings in the expected country/folk-rock mode, highlighted by "Chestnut Mare" and "Just a Season." Listeners will be most interested in this expanded reissue for the disc of previously unreleased stuff, which is not remarkable, but is okay for those who enjoyed Untitled. There are alternate studio versions of two songs from Untitled's studio portion ("Yesterday's Train" and a more jangly "All the Things"); a studio alternate of "Kathleen's Song," without the orchestration that would be added when it was redone for Byrdmaniax; a studio version of "Lover of the Bayou" (done live on Untitled); the instrumental "White's Lightning, Pt. 2"; and Lowell George's "Willin'" (different from the version that appears on the Byrds' box set). Then you get eight previously unavailable 1970 live recordings, much in the style of what's heard on the live part of Untitled, and including such favorites as "It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)," "Ballad of Easy Rider," "My Back Pages," and "Jesus Is Just Alright." An unindexed bonus track, an a cappella studio rendition of "Amazing Grace," ends the set. - allmusic.com

DISC 1 - Original (Untitled) Double LP Set

01. Lover of the Bayou 02. Positively 4th Street 03. Nashville West 04. So You Want to Be a Rock’n'Roll Star 05. Mr.Tambourine Man 06. Mr. Spaceman 07. Eight Miles High 08. Chestnut Mare 09. Truck Stop Girl 10. All Things 11. Yesterday’s Train 12. Hungry Planet 13. Just a Season 14. Take a Whiff 15. You All Look Alike 16. Well Come Back Home

DISC 2 - Completely Unissued!
01. All the Things 02. Yesterday’s Train 03. Lover of the Bayou 04. Kathleen’s Song 05. White Lightning Pt.2 06. Willin’ 07. You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere 08. Old Blue 09. It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) 10. Ballad of Easy Rider 11. My Back Pages 12. Take a Whiff (on Me) 13. Jesus is Just Alright 14. Wheel’s on Fire



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