THE METERS - Here Comes The Meter Man: The Complete Josie Recordings 1968 - 1970 (2011)

The Meters are an American funk band based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Meters performed and recorded their own music from the late 1960s until 1977. The band played an influential role as backing musicians for other artists, including Lee Dorsey, Robert Palmer, and Dr John. While The Meters rarely enjoyed significant mainstream success, they are considered, along with artists like James Brown, one of the progenitors of funk music and their work is highly influential on many other bands, both their contemporaries and modern musicians working in the funk idiom. The Meters' sound is defined by an earthy combination of tight melodic grooves and highly syncopated New Orleans "second-line" rhythms under highly charged guitar and keyboard riffing. Their songs "Cissy Strut" and "Look-Ka Py Py" are considered funk classics. - wikipedia

"The Meters" (1969):
01. Cissy Strut 02. Here Comes the Meter Man 03. Cardova 04. Live Wire 05. Art 06. Sophisticated Cissy 07. Ease Back 08. 6V6 La 09. Sehorn's Farm 10. Ann 11. Stormy 12. Simple Song
"Look-Ka Py Py! (1970): 13. Look-Ka Py-Py 14. Rigor Mortis 15. Pungee 16. Thinking 17. This Is My Last Affair 18. Funky Miracle 19. Yeah You're Right 20. Little Old Money Maker 21. Oh Calcutta! 22. The Mob 23. 9 'Til 5 24. Dry Spell

"Struttin'" (1979):
01. Chicken Strut 02. Britches 03. Darlin' Darlin' 04. Go for Yourself 05. Hand Clapping Song 06. Hey Last Minute 07. Joog 08. Liver Splash 09. Same Old Thing 10. Tippi-Toes 11. Wichita Lineman 12. Ride Your Pony
Singles: 13. Message from the Meters 14. Zony Mash 15. Stretch Your Rubber Band 16. Groovy Lady 17. (The World Is a Little Bit Under the Weather) 18. I Need More Time 19. Good Old Funky Music 20. Sassy Lady
Art Neville & the Meters (1968): 21. Bo Diddley, Pt. 1 22. Bo Diddley, Pt. 2 23. Heartaches 24. I'm Gonna Put Some Hurt on You
Cyril Neville & The Meters: 25. Gossip 26. Tell Me What's on Your Mind



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