SCOTT WALKER - Climate of Hunter (1984) & Tilt (1995)

1975 - Climate of Hunter
"Climate of Hunter" is the eleventh studio album by the American solo artist Scott Walker. It was released in March 1984 and reached number 60 on the UK Albums Chart. It includes the single "Track Three". It was also to be his only album of the 1980s. Walker wrote the songs for the album between August and September 1983. The album was recorded between October and December 1983 in the UK at The Town House, EMI and Sarm West Studios. Receiving positive reviews the album was released as an LP in March 1984 before it was released on CD in the mid-1980s. The album was reissued on CD in January 2006, with new revised artwork and having been remastered. The original artwork for the album was designed by C.More.Tone with photography by Bob Carlos Clarke. - wikipedia
01. Rawhide 02. Dealer 03. Track Three 04. Sleepwalkers Woman 05. Track Five 06. Track Six 07. Track Seven 08. Blanket Roll Blues

1995 - Tilt
Perhaps not even Scott Walker truly understands this record, which isn't to say that it it's not one of the most ambitious and ultimately rewarding musical experiences of the last few years; it's just that exactly what Walker was thinking when he made TILT remains a mystery to this day. Even Brian Eno, a huge Walker fan and no stranger to the avant-garde, apparently had to walk away from the sessions early on in the recording. Longtime Scott Walker fans shouldn't expect either the Brechtian song-stories of his solo material, or his Spector-influenced work with The Walker Brothers. TILT is the sound of a man swallowed whole by the music industry. Unidentifiable noises pop in and out of the mix as Walker's voice, a beautiful baritone almost unequaled in pop, floats ethereally around, at times seemingly diving deep into an undersea echo chamber. The lyrics are more haiku than iambic pentameter and those expecting a chorus (much less a verse), will be severely disappointed. Whatever TILT is, it's unlike anything you have ever heard. - cduniverse.com
01. Farmer In The City 02. The Cockfighter 03. Bouncer See Bouncer 04. Manhattan 05. Face On Breast
06. Bolivia '95 07. Patriot (a single) 08. Tilt 09. Rosary



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