Don Airey is best known for his work on the recordings of a Who's Who of rock - Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Judas Priest, Gary Moore, Ozzy Osbourne, Rainbow, and Whitesnake, just to name a few - as well as having spent most of the past decade with Deep Purple, but he has also found time to pursue projects of his own, ranging from such diverse things as the album of Police covers with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (Classic Police), to his previous solo record, the progressive rock gem K2: Tales Of Triumph & Tragedy. Twenty years later, he's finally released another, "A Light In The Sky". This time around, he's presenting a cross-section of styles from his career, from the progressive rock of K2, through the radio-friendly rock ballads of Rainbow, to the power rock of Deep Purple. Throughout it all, it seems that the primary focus was simply to have fun, and that comes through in the music - never forced, always authentic, songs played simply because the musicians enjoyed playing them. Now on Mascot Records, home to a number of musician's musicians, Don Airey has gathered a supporting cast from different backgrounds and influences, and synthesized their talents into a whole. These include Laurence Cottle and Chris Childs on bass, Darrin Mooney and Harry James on drums, Rob Harris on guitar, and classical violinist Lidia Baich rounding out the instrumental section. Vocals are ably provided by Carl Sentance for the most part, with Danny Bowes taking one song as well.


DON AIREY - K2 - Tales Of Triumph And Tragedy (1988)

The music portrays both the savage mystery of the mountain and the tragic events of the 1986 axpedition that overtook climbers Alan Rouse, Julie Tullis and Dobroslawa Wolf, all of whom were obsessed with conquering K2.
TRACKS: 01. K2 Overture 02. Sea Of Dreams (Part1) 03. Sea Of Dreams (Part2) 04. Voice Of The Mountain 05. Song For Al (instrumental) 06. Balti Lament 07. Ascent To Camp 4 08. Can't Make Up Your Mind 09. Summit Push 10. Close To The Sky 11. Blues For J.T. 12. Julie If You Leave Me 13. Death Zone / Whiteout 14. Song For Al (vocal)



DON AIREY - A Light In The Sky (2008)

TRACKS: 01. Big Bang 02. Ripples in the Fabric of Time 03. Shooting Star 04. Space Troll Patrol 05. Andromeda M31 06. Endless Night 07. Rocket to the Moon 08. Lift Off 09. Love You Too Much 10. Cartwheel ESO 350-40 11. Sombrero M104 12. Into Orbit 13. A Light in the Sky (Pt 2) 14. Pale Blue Dot 15. Metallicity 16. Big Crunch 17. Lost In The End of Time


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