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CHRIS REA - Santo Spirito Blues [Deluxe Edition] (2011)

Chris Rea, one of the UK's foremost singer-songwriters returns with his first new material in over ten years. The elaborate three-CD and two-DVD The Santo Spirito Project will include a brand new studio album, featuring "Dancing My Blues Away", "Never Tie Me Down", "The Chance Of Love", "Rock & Roll Tonight", "Electric Guitar" and "The Last Open Road". Additionally, The Santo Spirito Project features two bespoke feature films on DVD, written and directed by Chris. The first feature is a raw and brutally honest chronicle on bullfighting, featuring neo-classical and Spanish-themed gypsy music. The second feature follows a man on a search for the truth in the city of Florence, a journey he may or may not wish he began. The music to accompany both films will be contained on two CDs. Here, Chris explains his rationale for such an ambitious project: "I love creating things and passionately believe artists should be looking to try new ways of bringing what we do to the public. There should be no rules whatsoever and, for God's sake, there are alternatives to TV talent shows. Sometimes, those who have had extremely good fortune in music allow only X Factor type TV shows to set the musical and cultural agenda of this country by actually doing nothing new or different themselves."

2011 album from the veteran British singer, songwriter and guitarist, his first album of new material in over 10 years. This stripped back studio album features 'Dancing My Blues Away', 'Never Tie Me Down', 'The Chance Of Love', 'Rock & Roll Tonight' and more. Rhino. - cduniverse.com

DISC 1 - Santo Spirito:

01. Dancing My Blues Away 02. Rock And Roll Tonight 03. Never Tie Me Down 04. The Chance Of Love 05. The Last Open Road 06. Electric Guitar 07. Money 08. The Way She Moves 09. Dance With Me All Night Long 10. Think Like A Woman 11. You Got Lucky 12. Lose My Heart In You 13. I Will Go On

DISC 2 - Bull Fighting (Soundtrack):
01. Girl 02. Girl and Matador 03. Here He Comes 04. Gates 05. The Work 06. The Bull 07. The Fight 08. Main Tune 09. Old Matador 01. Finale

DISC 3 - Santo Spirito (Soundtrack):
01. Santo Spirito 02. The Truth 03. Florence Streets 04. Dante’s Inferno 05. Does Love Count For Nothing 06. Forever 07. Somewhere Between The Stars



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