Singer/songwriter Tracy Spuehler is often compared to Aimee Mann, but her music also has a lot in common with the '90s alt-rock sound of Tanya Donelly and Juliana Hatfield. The Los Angeles native first came on the scene playing violin in the Minneapolis-based band Pimentos for Gus. Moving back to L.A. after the band dissolved, Spuehler launched her solo career in 2001 with the album Six Three One. L.A. radio station KCRW put four songs from the album on its playlist, then the song "Where Do We Go?" got national exposure when it was used in a Nissan Altima television commercial. Her 2004 effort, It's the Sound, helped her earn a nomination for the 2005 L.A. Weekly Music Awards as Best Singer/Songwriter. Its title track was featured in two television shows - Joan of Arcadia and Life as We Know It - along with the film Mozart and the Whale. Another song from the album - "Double Vision" - landed on MTV's reality show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.

2001 - Six Three One
As described by a review in LA's 'New Times:' Flowing through singer-songwriter Tracy Spuehler's impressive debut disc are elements of Juliana Hatfield's little-girl lilt, Aimee Mann's confessional pop and Liz Phair's indie-rock feistiness. But this native Angeleno puts so much of herself into her songs that her music winds up charmingly fresh and all her own.
01. Where Do We Go 02. Secret Life 03. Up Up and Away 04. Sunflower 05. Hummingbird 06. 631 07. You Checked Out 08. Little Red Car 09. Soap Opera Life 10. Perfect Story 11. The Gift 12. Round and Round

2004 - It's the Sound
Los Angeles native Tracy Spuehler, whose radio hit "Where Do We Go?" went from airplay on L.A.'s influential KCRW-FM to viewers of national television via a Nissan commercial, has completed her second album, "It’s The Sound." The new album builds on the tradition of her 2001 solo debut, six three one, which was described by New Times as weaving "elements of Juliana Hatfield’s little-girl lilt, Aimee Mann’s confessional pop and Liz Phair’s indie-rock feistiness. But this native Angeleno puts so much of herself into the songs that her music winds up charmingly fresh and all her own." In this new collection of bittersweet, personal songs, Spuehler’s songwriting really shines. Combining a natural ability for writing pop hooks with vivid storytelling, her songs unfold like an Indie Rock Sex & the City. The title track, "It’s the Sound" is a celebration of the moment – a sunny, carefree pop song. "At The Frank Black Show" floods the speaker with emotion over an ex she! thinks she sees in the crowd, while the Pixies frontman is performing. And "Time," which "moves in a different way," features synth programming courtesy of Sean Spuehler, Tracy’s brother, whose resume includes work with Madonna, R.E.M., Dido and Beck. - amazon.com
01. It's the Sound 02. At the Frank Black Show 03. Keep Your Coat On 04. Time 05. Caution Tape 06. Hear You Say 07. Skin Deep 08. Tell Me That 09. Double Vision 10. Broken Melody


Six Three One (2001)

It's the Sound (2004)

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