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Melissa Etheridge is an American rock singer-songwriter and musician. She has received fifteen Grammy Award nominations winning two, one Academy Award and has sold twenty-seven million albums worldwide and almost fourteen million in the United States alone.

1988 - "Melissa Etheridge"
Exploding onto the late 1980s rock scene with this energetic, sensual, and shamelessly personal debut, Melissa Etheridge instantly proved herself a skilled singer-songwriter and thunderstorm of a performer. This radio-friendly rock collection lays out the Etheridge fundamentals. "Bring Me Some Water," the driven, bluesy plea of an abandoned lover, is easily the strongest cut here. Its infectious rhythmic backdrop perfectly supports Etheridge's rowdy, passionate vocals to make this sexually charged lament unforgettable. This album also launched the radio favorite "Similar Features" and "Like the Way I Do," another uptempo, jealousy-laden rocker. Actually, the album is almost overripe with scathing indictments of former lovers, but it also makes it clear that Etheridge is a growing musician. These early efforts are so power-packed that it's easy to overlook redundancy and focus on all that raw emotion. - amazon.com
01. Similar Features 02. Chrome Plated Heart 03. Like The Way I Do 04. Precious Pain 05. Don't You Need 06. The Late September Dogs 07. Occasionally 08. Watching You 09. Bring Me Some Water 10. I Want You

1989 - "Brave And Crazy"
Not a trace of the dreaded sophomore curse was to be found on Melissa Etheridge's second album. On Brave and Crazy, the throaty singer/guitarist/composer is slightly more reflective than on her first release, but no less confident. Nor is she is any less rootsy. Etheridge's earthiness is a large part of her appeal, and she uses it most advantageously on the gutsy rockers "Skin Deep" and "Let Me Go," as well as more reflective pieces such as "Testify," "You Used to Love to Dance" and "You Can Sleep While I Drive" (which, like a lot of Bruce Springsteen's songs, equates long drives with freedom and liberation). As introspective as things get on this CD, Etheridge never becomes wimpy or self-pitying. For all its vulnerability, Brave and Crazy is the work of someone who comes across as a survivor. - cduniverse.com
01. No Souvenirs 02. Brave And Crazy 03. You Used To Love To Dance 04. The Angels 05. You Can Sleep While I Drive 06. Testify 07. Let Me Go 08. By Back Door 09. Skin Deep 10. Royal Station 4/16

1992 - "Never Enough"
An album that never spawned hits on the magnitude of "Bring Me Some Water" or "I'm the Only One" from her debut, Melissa Etheridge's sorely overlooked third effort is a gold mine of poetic contemplation, sensual declarations, and emotional pleas. Of her first five albums, Never Enough is the one that best shows her range. Stepping away from electric guitar-based rock and blues and toward such exploratory tunes as the piano-backed "The Letting Go," the beat- and sample-driven "2001," and the uncommonly poppy "Dance Without Sleeping," Etheridge proves she's not a one-riff musician. She seems to push through her stylistic fears a bit, yet stays comfortably within the boundaries that her raspy belt can reach. Never Enough offers a healthy dose of Etheridge's trademark soul-twisting rock in the form of "Ain't it Heavy" and the angry, possessive of "It's for You." But the addition of pattern-busting songs makes this album a particularly mature, rich, pleasurable listen. - amazon.com
01. Ain't It Heavy 02. 2001 03. Dance Without Sleeping 04. Place Your Hand 05. Must Be Crazy For Me 06. Meet Me In The Back 07. The Boy Feels Strange 08. Keep It Precious 09. The Letting Go 10. It's For You


1988 - Melissa Etheridge

1989 - Brave And Crazy

1992 - Never Enough

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