JULIE DRISCOLL, BRIAN AUGER & THE TRINITY - Open (1967) [2004 Castle Music]

The baker's dozen on this 1970 collection hail from both album and single sides recorded by Brian Auger & the Trinity during a brief stint with lead vocalist Julie Driscoll. Although the bulk of the selections were included on the long players Open (1967) and Streetnoise (1968), Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger (1970) offer up their cover of "This Wheel's on Fire" -- a Top Five hit in the U.K. slightly prior to the release of the Band's version from Music from Big Pink (1968). The Trinity consists of Auger (keyboards/vocals), Dave Ambrose (bass) and Clive Thacker (drums), along with Gary Boyle (guitar) who contributed to Open. While the dearth of original material might initially seem suspect, part of the synergy between Driscoll and Auger is their unquestionable assortment of contemporary titles. They transform "Light My Fire" into a moody reading that sizzles with an understated groove. Donovan's "Season of the Witch" profits immeasurably from Driscoll's sinuous and sultry intonations. She weaves around the jazzy arrangement with the finesse and presence of a summoned sonic spectre. Offsetting the ethereal vibe is the vociferous and commanding overhaul of "This Wheel's on Fire," which she would revisit in 1992 with noted English actor Adrian Edmondson as the theme song to the BBC-TV comedy Absolutely Fabulous. Auger's incendiary keyboard runs are practically Wagner-ian in their ferocity. Of the lesser-known reworkings, Laura Nyro's "Save the Country" and David Ackles' "Road to Cairo" are moulded into wholly new ideas and approaches. Richie Havens' "Indian Rope Man" churns into a funky free-for-all behind Auger's aggressive Hammond B-3 pounding. The horn-driven "Why (Am I Treated So Bad)" is also worthy of mention as it is undoubtedly inspired by Cannonball Adderley's equally motivated rendering. Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger was briefly available on CD in the mid-'80s on Polydor and remains a great way to gather these selections. - answers.com

01. In And Out 02. Isola Natale 03. Black Cat 04. Lament For Miss Baker 05. Goobye Jungle Telegraph 06. Tramp 07. Why (Am I Treated So Bad) 08. A Kind Of Love In 09. Break It Up 10. Season Of The Witch 11. I've Gotta Go Now 12. Save Me 13. The Road To Cairo 14. This Wheel's On Fire



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