YES - In A Word: Yes (1969 - ) - Rhino Box Set (2002)

Like the prog-rock movement that spawned them, the band name Yes was only supposed to be temporary. But Yes have long outlived prog, spanning five decades, some 14 members, and, at one point, essentially two separate outfits on opposite sides of the Atlantic. This five-disc box set chronicles the musical high points of one of the most successful, if unlikely, careers in all of rock. While contemporaries like ELP and King Crimson often distilled their jazz, classical, or avant-garde influences into potent, often jagged sonic shards, Yes thrived by infusing influences as diverse as Stravinsky, Lennon and McCartney, traditional jazz, the Fifth Dimension, and Paul Simon with their own restless, endlessly ambitious musicianship, then letting them simmer into musical landscapes often as vast as they were lyrically impenetrable. All the band's early staples are here ("Yours Is No Disgrace," "Starship Trooper," "I've Seen All Good People," "Roundabout") along with intact swatches of the epics Close to the Edge, Tales from Topographic Oceans and Relayer. But the later chapters are equally rewarding: the improbable 1980 replacement of departed Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman by the Bles' Trevor Horn and Geoff Downs on Drama; the return of Anderson (with Horn and and new guitarist Trevor Rabin sharing producer's duties) for the surprising, megaplatinum success of 90125 and its chart-topping "Owner of a Lonely Heart"; rewarding, diverse '90s outings like Talk and The Ladder. It's a compelling musical vision that's almost utopian, sprinkled with a half-dozen previously unreleased tracks and the epic 1972 reworking of Paul Simon's "America." Chris Welch and Bill Martin's comprehensive and insightful notes are introduced by film director and longtime Yes fan Cameron Crowe, who reminisces about his early days writing about the band. - amazon.com

In a Word: Yes (1969 - ) is a five CD box set by progressive rock band Yes encompassing their entire career from its inception in 1969 to 2001, including material from the 1989 Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe album. It was released in 2002. The sonically improved and more expansive successor to 1991's Yesyears, In a Word: Yes (1969 - ) marked the beginning of Yes's association with Rhino Records, who would remaster and reissue the band's core Atlantic Records catalogue throughout 2003 and 2004 - while adding many of Yesyears previously unreleased performances as bonus tracks on the individual newly remastered CDs. The booklet contains essays by Chris Welch and Bill Martin, as well as forewords from Rush bassist Geddy Lee and Phish drummer Jon Fishman. - wikipedia

01. Every Little Thing 02. Sweetness 03. Survival 04. Then 05. Sweet Dreams 06. Astral Traveller 07. Time And A Word 08. Dear Father 09. Yours Is No Disgrace 10. Clap 11. Perpetual Change 12. Starship Trooper 13. I've Seen All Good People

DISC 2: 01. Roundabout 02. South Side Of The Sky 03. Heart Of The Sunrise 04. America 05. Close To The Edge 06. The Revealing Science Of God

DISC 3: 01. Siberian Khatru 02. Long Distance Runaround 03. The Gates Of Delirium 04. To Be Over 05. Going For The One 06. Turn Of The Century 07. Wonderous Stories 08. Don't Kill The Whale 09. Release, Release 10. Arriving UFO 11. Richard

DISC 4: 01. Tango 02. Never Done Before 03. Crossfire 04. Machine Messiah 05. Tempus Fugit 06. Owner Of A Lonely Heart 07. It Can Happen 08. Leave It 09. Hold On 10. Rhythm Of Love 11. Love Will Find A Way 12. Holy Lamb (Song For Harmonic Convergence) 13. Brother Of Mine 14. Fist Of Fire (alternate version) 15. I Would Have Waited Forever

DISC 5: 01. Lift Me Up 02. The Calling 03. I Am Waiting 04. Mind Drive 05. Open Your Eyes 06. Universal Garden 07. Homeworld (The Ladder) 08. The Messenger 09. Last Train 10. In The Presence Of


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