V.A. - Cave Of Clear Light: The Pye And Dawn Records Underground Trip 1967-1975 (2010)

That is, deliver a comprehensive, beautifully packaged three-disc extravaganza complete with extensively detailed booklet. Once again compiled by Mark Powell, behind both the Polydor and Harvest excursions, Cave of Clear Light shines the fiery torch on the label that’s been dismissed as a poor relation to the more dedicated exponents of the psychedelic and progressive sound. Unfairly so, one might add, as Pye/Dawn had an impressive roster of artists on the books, even if the vast majority never so much as tickled the public conscious. Obviously, that’s the style of output HFoS thrives on.

Disc 1 boils down the psychedelic and the folk into one easily consumable portion. The one dud aside (Neo Maya’s ‘UFO’), this starter notches up such classics as the sinister Status Quo number ‘Paradise Flats’, The Mooche’s ‘Hot Smoke and Sassafras’, Blonde on Blonde’s ‘All Day, All Night’ and, obviously, ‘Cave of Clear Light’ by The Bystanders.

Disc 2 sets its stall out early on, with ‘Tell You a Story’, another track from Fire, once again taken from their sole, but justifiably much sought after concept album The Magic Shoemaker. From then on in we’re treated to a mixture of heavy prog, acid-folk and, once again, The Status Quo.

Disc 3 is a progressive paradise, resplendent in flutes, extended solos and such rarities as Gravy Train and Jonesy. Even blue-eyed soul barker, Chris Farlowe, makes an appearance on ‘Can’t Find a Reason’, while pastoral folk bods Heron deliver ‘Yellow Roses’ from their self-titled debut.

Cave of Clear Light is yet another superior compilation for lovers of the psychedelic and the progressive to sink their teeth into. So long as labels such as Esoteric keep putting stuff like this out, there’s no reason this sometimes under-tapped vein should ever run dry.

01. The Bystanders - Cave of Clear Light 02. Donovan - Season of the Witch 03. Episode Six - Morning Dew 04. Status Quo - Paradise Flat 05. Neo Maya - UFO 06. Man - The Future Hides its Face 07. Blonde on Blonde - Ride With Captain Max 08. Velvett Fogg - Yellow Cave Woman 09. Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man 10. Woody Kern - Tell You I'm Gone 11. The Mooche - Hot Smoke and Sassafrass 12. Blonde on Blonde - All Day, All Night 13. Status Quo - Mister Mind Detector 14. Pesky Gee - Peace of Mind 15. John Kongos - Confusions About a Goldfish 16. Man - It Is As It Must Be 17. Fire - Flies Like a Bird 18. Trader Horne - Velvet to Atone

DISC 2: 01. Fire - Tell You a Story 02. Titus Groan - Hall of Bright Carvings 03. Atlantic Bridge - Hillary Dixon 04. Comus - Song to Comus 05. Mungo Jerry - I Just Wanna Make Love to You 06. Jackie McAuley - Cameraman: Wilson and Holmes 07. Pluto - Road to Glory 08. Quiet World - Body to the Mind 09. Trifle - One Way Glass 10. Mike Cooper - Pharoah's March 11. Demon Fuzz - I Put a Spell on You 12. Status Quo - Someone's Learning 13. Atomic Rooster - Time Take My Life

DISC 3: 01. Paul Brett's Sage - 3D Mona Lisa 02. The Trio - Billy the Kid 03. Status Quo - Gerdundula 04. Noir - Hard Labour 05. Heron - Yellow Roses 06. Atomic Rooster - Save Me 07. Icarus - Fantastic Four 08. Writing on the Wall - Man of Renown 09. Gravy Train - Staircase to the Day 10. Jonesy - Ricochet 11. Vincent Crane and Chris Farlowe - Can't Find a Reason 12. Fruupp - Decision 13. David McWilliams - Lord Offaly 14. Paul Brett's Sage - Custom Angel Man 15. Quicksand - Flying 16. Stray - Stand Up and Be Counted 17. Jonesy - No Alternative


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