GERRY RAFFERTY - The Collection (2007)

Baker Street singer Gerry Rafferty has died at the age of 63. Rafferty, who is also best known for his 1972 hit Stuck In The Middle With You with his band Stealer's Wheel, passed away peacefully at home surrounded by family, said daughter Martha this morning. The Scottish-born singer had been admitted to hospital in Bournemouth last November with liver failure. Rafferty started his career in a school band called the Mavericks, before working with comedian Billy Connolly and his folk band The Humblebums. He then released a solo album in 1971 before founding Stealer's Wheel the following year.While Stealer's Wheel enjoyed huge success with tracks such as Stuck In The Middle With You and Star, the group disbanded in 1975, leaving Rafferty free to pursue his solo career. It was in 1978 that Rafferty wrote Baker Street, the track that was recognised last October for having been played a staggering five million times worldwife. But despite his professional life going from strength to strength, Rafferty sadly suffered from alcoholism, leading to the breakdown of his 20-year marriage to wife Carla in 1990. Referring to their split, Carla said at the time:'There was no hope. I would never have left him if there had been a glimmer of a chance of him recovering. Stuck In The Middle With You gained a new lease of life after Quentin Tarantino included it in the soundtrack of his 1992 film Reservoir Dogs. But as rumours began to spread about Rafferty's health when news of his drinking problem became public, Rafferty's epresentatives were forced to release a statement in 2009 insisting he was healthy.Later that year Rafferty released what was to become his last album, Life Goes On. Rafferty is survived by his brother Jim, daughter Martha and granddaughter Celia. - dailymail.co.uk

01. Baker Street 02. Right Down The Line 03. City To City 04. Waiting For The Day 05. Get It Right Next Time 06. Take The Money And Run 07. Days Gone Down (Still Got The Light In Your Eyes) 08. Why Don't You Talk To Me 09. The Royal Mile 10. Wastin' Away 11. Bring It All Home 12. Don't Close The Door 13. Sleepwalking 14. A Change Of Heart 15. On The Way 16. Night Owl



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