KASEY CHAMBERS - The Captain & Special Bonus Edition (1999 - 2000)

1999 - "The Captain"
In "Southern Kind of Life," a song on her debut album, The Captain, Kasey Chambers convincingly describes a rural Southern upbringing, poverty stricken and Bible dominated - and since she performs in a style associated with the Appalachians as developed into commercial country music, it's easy to assume she's singing about the American South. But she isn't; she's singing about the Nullarbor Plain in south-central Australia, where she grew up, apparently listening to a lot of country records. The result is a style that will remind some listeners of Dolly Parton and others of Lucinda Williams, as Chambers, backed by her father and produced by her brother, both of them members of the family's Dead Ringer Band, sings in a breathy voice that breaks expressively. Her tunes tend to be either "I am" songs of self-description like "Southern Kind of Life" and "Cry Like a Baby," accounts of romantic difficulties, or celebrations of life on the road. Though she has a gift for wordplay that favors internal rhyme, her imagery can be trite ("You got the car and I got the break"), and her compositions are less interesting in themselves than in the performances she gives them. Like many young artists, she is still a compendium of her influences rather than a distinct figure unto herself, but The Captain is a sincere effort steeped in the kind of country/folk/rock style that made Lucinda Williams a critical success in the late '90s, and it is likely to attract similar attention. - cduniverse.com
01. Cry Like A Baby 02. The Captain 03. The Flower 04. You Got The Car 05. These Pines 06. Don't Talk Back 07. Southern Kind Of Life 08. Mr Baylis 09. The Hard Way 10. Hard Last Bible 11. Don't Go 12. We're All Gonna Die Some Day

2000 - "The Captain - Special Bonus Edition"
Kasey Chambers may not be a well known musician in the United States, but Australia appreciates her. She's won numerous awards for her music including ARIAs for Best Female Artist three times and Best Country Album three times. She's had three #1 albums and a slew of top 40 hits in Australia as well. Each of her albums has achieved platinum or multi-platinum status there as well. But in the US, her highest chart position (and the only one I could find) was #104 for her album Barricades and Brickwalls. Just goes to show how tastes can vary between continents, I suppose. I really must be on the wrong continent. In 1999 Kasey released her first solo album, The Captain. A friend of mine bought the album in 2000, when it was released in the US, without knowing who she was or hearing any of it. He didn't like it and he passed it on to me. This, ladies and gentlemen, is where my love for twangy music and twangy voices began. Honestly, I had never heard any non-lame country music before this point in my life. I didn't know that country music could be anything but lame before I heard Kasey Chambers. And now the majority of my favorite musicians are country/rock/americana (call it whatever genre you want) artists. Funny how one album can shape the future of your musical interests. I can't imagine how my cd collection would look today if I had never been given The Captain. I found out a few years later that The Captain had been released with a limited edition bonus cd with seven more songs. One an original song by Kasey, 5 covers, and 1 duet with and written by Paul Kelly. The parentheses denote who originally recorded the song.
01. I Still Pray 02. Dam 03. Freight Train 04. Water In The Fuel 05. Another Lonely Day 06. Better Be Home Soon 07. Heartbreak Heartmend



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