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This is for real as far as the hype goes, because this has got to be the most revealing look at the Rolling Stones at work in the studio that has ever surfaced. It's a 4 CD release that comes in a 12" box in a box package with a deluxe color outer sleeve. The cover picture is of a woman who looks to be in some trans-like state from the album cover of the old Capital Records LP "Fire Goddess". There is also a booklet that features many pictures from the August 25, 1994 Rolling Stone issue on the band. The booklet has an essay on Voodoo Lounge by David Fricke from Rolling Stone July 14-28, 1994 issue. - rollingstonesnet.com/vigo.html

Voodoo Lounge outtakes and rehearsals. Color box, color book in the box, and color CD covers. This is the ultimate CD release, best in a long, long time, if you don't count the official ones! Highly recommended! Some insiders have supplied the excellent stuff, and these 4 CD's brings you through the making of Voodoo Lounge. A 32 pages book tells you all details, who plays what on each track etc. Each CD is dedicated to Mick, Keith. Charlie and Ronnie, as numbered 1 to 4.

DISC 1 - Voodoo Brew One: The alternate Voodoo Lounge
01. Mick / Keith dialogue 02. Love is Strong 03. You Got Me Rocking 04. Sparks Will Fly 05. The Worst 06. New Faces 07. Moon is Up 08. Out of Tears 09. I Go Wild 10. Brand New Car 11. Sweet Hearts Together 12. Suck on the Jugular 13. Blinded By Rainbows 14. Baby Break it Down 15. Thru and Thru 16. Mean Disposition 17. Ron / Keith dialogue

DISC 2 - Voodoo Brew Two: Keith plays his favorites
01. Salty Dog 02. Guitar Overdub 03. Salty Dog (reprise) 04. Cocaine 05. Cocaine 06. I Get a Kick Out of You 07. Goodbye to Love 08. Love's Tough Shit Baby 09. Keith's Boogie 10. Goodbye to Love 11. I Get a Kick Out of You 12. Cocaine 13. Crying, Waiting, Hoping 14. Love is Strange 15. Make No Mistake 16. Girl of the North Country 17. John Wesley Harding 18. Blues Jam / Riffs 19. Brand New Heartache 20. Scotty Moore Riffs 21. Reverse Boogie / riffs 22. Please Please Me 23. Sparks Will Fly / riffs and dialogue

DISC 3 - Voodoo Brew Three: Alright Charlie!
01. Alright Charlie! 02. It's Alright / Untitled #1 03. Hold On You 04. Ivy League 05. Get It Made 06. Untitled #2 07. Jump On Top Of Me 08. I'm Gonna Drive 09. Untitled #3 10. Untitled #4 11. Make It Now 12. It's Funny 13. Untitled #5 14. Keith dialogue

DISC 4 - Voodoo Brew Four: Rehearsals, Alternate Mixes & Early Versions
01. The Storm #1 02. You Got Me Rocking 03. Sparks Will Fly 04. The Worst 05. Out Of Tears 06. Brand New Car 07. Sweethearts Together #1 08. Sweethearts Together #2 09. Blinded By Rainbows 10. Baby Break It Down 11. Thru And Thru #1 12. Thru And Thru #2 13. The Storm #2 14. The Storm "3


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