MIKE OLDFIELD - "Hergest Ridge" & "Ommadawn" (1974/75) [Original recording remastered]

- Hergest Ridge (1974) [2010 Remastered]
Released as another lengthy composition, Hergest Ridge was the album that followed Mike Oldfield's momentous Tubular Bells release, with many of the same instrumental elements and methods employed throughout its two sections. Because of the time of its release, Hergest Ridge was overshadowed by the effects of Oldfield's first album for Virgin, but even so, he still manages to invoke some interesting patches of music by using instruments like the glockenspiel, sleigh bells, the lowrey organ, oboes, and a variety of mandolins and guitars to maintain the same type of diversity as Tubular Bells. Symphonic throughout most of the album's two parts, the highlight of Hergest Ridge is Oldfield's use of 90 multi-tracked guitars which are clustered together to create one of the most unique sounds ever to surface on his albums. Actually, Hergest Ridge entered the British charts in the number one spot in the fall of 1974, but Tubular Bells finally took its place only three weeks later. The album was highly regarded in the U.K. upon its release and it continues Oldfield's creativity, proving that the genius put forth on his claim-to-fame album would indeed have some effect on works to come. - cduniverse.com

01. Hergest Ridge Part One
02. Hergest Ridge Part Two
03. In Dulci Jubilo (For Maureen)
04. Spanish Tune

- Ommadawn (1975) [2010 Remastered]
"Ommadawn" represents a creative peak for Oldfield that is often overshadowed by the huge commercial success of his debut Tubular Bells. Oldfield employed the same format he had used on his previous two albums, with both sides of the album comprising a lengthy instrumental collage. This time he drew on a greater range of musical styles, using recurring motifs that had recognizable African, Eastern European and Irish sources (Paddy Moloney of The Chieftains being responsible for the latter). The album was also notable for the way Oldfield collaborated with the other musicians, drawing attention away from his image as the self-styled studio recluse.

01 Ommadawn - Part One
02 Ommadawn - Part One - On Horseback
03 Ommadawn - Lost Mix
04 First Excursion
05 Argiers
06 Portsmouth
07 In Dulci Jubilo


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