BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD - Buffalo Springfield Box Set (2001)

"Buffalo Springfield Box Set" is a career retrospective of the late 60s folk rock band of the same name, released in 2001. Band member Neil Young assembled the tracks in chronological order to show how the band evolved and disintegrated in the span of two years. Of the four CDs, the first three represent the actual box set while the fourth CD contains the band's first two albums. It reached #194 on Billboard's Top 200 Album chart, and stayed on the chart for the single week. The set omits the stereo version of the Buffalo Springfield album, the mono version of Buffalo Springfield Again, the album version of "On The Way Home", "Pretty Girl Why", and "Four Days Gone" from Last Time Around, and the songs "Carefree Country Day" and "In The Hour Of Not Quite Rain" from Last Time Around. It also lacks the long version of "Bluebird", only ever issued on a 2-LP compilation. - wikipedia

DISC 1, 1966:

01. There Goes My Babe (demo) 02. Come On (demo) 03. Hello, I've Returned (demo) 04. Out Of My Mind (demo) 05. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (demo) 06. I'm Your Kind Of Guy (demo) 07. Baby Don't Scold Me (demo) 08. Neighbor Don't You Worry (demo) 09. We'll See (demo) 10. Sad Memory (demo) 11. Can't Keep Me Down (demo) 12. Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing 13. Go And Say Goodbye 14. Sit Down I Think I Love You 15. Leave 16. Hot DustyRoads 17. Everybody's Wrong 18. Burned 19. Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It 20. Out Of My Mind 21. Pa The Price 22. Down Down Down (demo) 23. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong 24. Neighbor Don't You Worry (remix)

DISC 2, 1966-1967:
01. Down Down Down (remix) 02. Kahuna Sunset 03. Buffalo Stomp (raga) 04. Baby Don't Scold Me 05. For What's Worth 06. Mr. Soul 07. We'll See 08. My Kind Of Love 09. Pretty Girl Why (previously unreleased mix) 10. Words I Must Say (demo) 11. Nobody's Fool 12. So You've Got A Lover 13. My Angel 14. No Sun Today 15. Everydays 16. Down To The Wire 17. Bluebird 18. Expecting To Fly 19. Hung Upside Down (demo) 20. A Child's Claim To Fame 21. Rock & Roll Woman

DISC 3, 1967-1968:
01. Hung Upside Down 02. Good Time Boy 03. One More Sign (demo) 04. The Rent Is Always Due (demo) 05. Round And Round And Round 06. Old Laughing Lady (demo) 07. Broken Arrow 08. Sad Memory 09. On The Way Home 10. Whatever Happened To Saturday Night (remix) 11. Special Care 12. Falcon Lake (Ash On The Floor; remix) 13. What A Day 14. I Am A Child 15. Questions 16. Merry-G-Round 17. Uno Mondo 18. Kind Of Woman 19. It's So Hard To Wait 20. Four Days Gone (demo)

DISC 4, Buffalo Springfield Again:
01. For What It's Worth 02. Go And Say Goodbye 03. Sit Down I Think I Love You 04. Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing 05. Hot Dusty Roads 06. Everybody's Wrong 07. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong 08. Burned 09. Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It 10. Leave 11. Out Of My Mind 12. Pay The Price 13. Baby Don't Scold Me 14. Mr. Soul 15. Child's Claim To Fame 16. Everydays 17. Expecting To Fly 18. Bluebird 19. Hung Upside Down 20. Sad Memory 21. Good Time Boy 22. Rock & Roll Womm 23. Broken Arrow


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