JASON & THE SCORCHERS - Midnight Roads & Stages Seen (1998)

Jason & the Scorchers, originally Jason & the Nashville Scorchers, were a Rock / Country rock band formed in 1981 and led by singer/songwriter Jason Ringenberg. With a sound that straddles hard rock, punk rock and country music, Jason and the Scorchers are noted for their energetic live performances, and have earned strong reviews from critics: Mark Deming, who declared they "blazed a trail for the cowpunk and alt-country movements that followed in their wake." Jason and the Scorchers continue to maintain a loyal cult following around the world. Jason and the Scorchers are releasing their new album "Halcyon Times" in February 2010. The new CD can be purchased on the band's official website and at their live concerts. - wikipedia

As Rudyard Kipling says, "He who rides the tiger finds it difficult to dismount," screams Jason Ringenberg as the band rips into "Self Sabotage," the first cut on a two-disc that captures this seminal band live in concert. Over the next 23 tracks, the Scorcher prove they're still on the beast's back, digging their spurs in its sides. Too country for punk, too punk for country, Jason & the Scorchers were stomping their dusty cowboy boots at a breakneck pace long before Uncle Tupelo discovered the Carter Family. With their brand of Rolling Stones meet Johnny Cash hard rock, the Scorchers kicked out the jams for most of the 80's to a largely indifferent audience. But anyone who happened to catch a live show was a fan for life. For this concert, Jason and band dig deep into the songbook, playing tunes they've never played live ("Somewhere Within"), tunes they haven't played in years ("Ocean of Doubt" - featuring BR5-49's Donnie Herron) and classic Scorcher cuts ("Gypsy," "Broken Whiskey Glass"). And best of all, a sizzling cover of Dylan's "Absolutely Sweet Marie." An essential document of a overlooked band. - amazon.com

01. Self Sabotage 02. My Heart Still Stands With You 03. Last Time Around 04. 200 Proof Lovin' 05. This Town Isn't Keeping You Down 06. Good Things Come To Those Who Wait 07. Blanket Of Sorrow 08. Broken Whiskey Glass 09. Absolutely Sweet Marie 10. Ocean Of Doubt 10. Pray For Me Mama (I'm A Gypsy Now) 12. Somewhere Within

DISC 2: 01. Help! There's A Fire 02. Harvest Moon 03. If Money Talks 04. Walkin' The Dog 07. Both Sides Of The Line 08. White Lies 07. Jimmie Rodger's Last Blue Yodel 08. Ezekiel's Wheels/Golden Ball & Chain 09. Going Nowhere 10. If You've Got The Love (I've Got The Time) 11. Still Tied

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