KATE WOLF - Weaver Of Visions: The Kate Wolf Anthology (2000)

Kate Wolf (1942 – 1986) was an American folk singer and songwriter. Though her career was relatively short, she had a significant impact on the folk music scene, and many musicians continue to cover her songs. Her best-known compositions include "Here in California", "Love Still Remains", "Across the Great Divide", "Unfinished Life", and "Give Yourself to Love". Born in San Francisco, California, she started her music career in the band Wildwood Flower before recording ten records as a solo artist. Her songs have since been recorded by artists such as Nanci Griffith and Emmylou Harris (whose recording of "Love Still Remains" was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1999). She died in 1986, at age 44, after a long battle with leukemia.

"Weaver Of Visions", compiled by Wolf's son and musical executor Max, replicates previous two-disc anthology, 1987's "Gold In California" almost entirely, subtracting only the somewhat dated protest songs "The Sun Is Burning" and "Full Time Woman." It also adds 10 live performances and two previously unheard studio outtakes. The live performances, including an excellent version of her comparatively rare song "Give Yourself to Love," are uniformly terrific, up to the quality of those found on the other posthumous Kate Wolf live albums. It's hard to get away from the feeling that the collection could have included some of the great studio recordings not featured on the earlier compilation, but this stuff is so good that this seems like a minor quibble.

DISC 1: 01. Although I've Gone Away 02. Green Eyes (Live) 03. Emma Rose 04. Like a River (Live) 05. Old Jerome 06. These Times We're Living in (Live) 07. Sweet Love 08. Across the Great Divide 09. Brother Warrior 10. Unfinished Life 11. Eyes of a Painter (Live) 12. Safe at Anchor 13. Give Yourself to Love (Live) 14. The Trumpet Vine 15. Slender Thread 16. Muddy Roads 17. Early Morning Melody 18. Telluride

DISC 2: 01. Here in California 02. Looking Back at You (Live) 03. The Minstrel 04. Picture Puzzle (Live) 05. Cornflower Blue (Live) 06. The Wind Blows Wild 07. You're Not Standing Like You Used To 08. Carolina Pines 09. Medicine Wheel 10. Two-Way Waltz 11. The Lilac & The Apple 12. Shadow of a Life (Live) 13. She Rises Like the Dolphin 14. Poet's Heart 15. Friend of Mine (Live) 16. Pacheco / The Redtail Hawk (Live) 17. Back Roads

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