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SLADE - The Slade Box: A 4 CD Anthology 1969-1991 (2006)

Noddy Holder (guitar and vocals) Jim Lea (bass, violin and keyboards) Dave Hill (lead guitar and glitter) and Don Powell (drums) sold an incredible 50 million records in the seventies, scoring 17 top 20 hits, six number one singles (they were the first group since The Beatles to score three straight number ones on the day of release) and notched 33 top 30 hits from 'Get Down And Get With It' in 1971 to 'Radio Wall of Sound' in l991, based upon their own compositions and a successful live formula of "stomp and deliver". Yet they also remain one of the most astonishingly underestimated rock bands of all time as much of Slade's musical depth and performance was masked by their flamboyant image. It is time now to not just look "wot they dun" but to give credit for what you can hear they "dun" on this comprehensive retrospective and see with your own ears how significant they really were.

DISC 1:01. Born To Be Wild 02. Roach Daddy 03. Wild Winds Are Blowing 04. The Shape Of Things To Come 05. Know Who You Are 06. Pouk Hill 07. One Way Hotel 08. Get Down And Get With It 09. In Like A Shot From My Gun (Live) 10. Coz I Luv You 11. Look Wot You Dun 12. Take Me Bak 'Ome 13. Wonderin' Y 14. Mama Weer All Crazee Now 15. Gudbuy T'Jane 16. The Whole World's Goin' Crazee 17. I Won't Let It 'Appen Agen 18. Cum On Feel The Noize 19. I'm Mee, I'm Now & That's Orl 20. Skweeze Me Pleeze Me 21. Kill 'Em At The Hot Club Tonite 22. My Friend Stan 23. Merry Xmas Everybody

DISC 2: 01. When The Lights Are Out 02. We're Really Gonna Raise The Roof 03. How Can It Be 04. Everyday 05. The Bangin' Man 06. She Did It To Me 07. Far Far Away 08. So Far So Good 09. How Does It Feel 10. Thanks For The Memory (Wham Bam Thank You Mam) 11. In For A Penny 12. Can You Just Imagine 13. Let's Call It Quits 14. When The Chips Are Down 15. Nobody's Fool 16. L.A. Jinx 17. Gypsy Roadhog 18. Be 19. It Ain't Love But It Ain't Bad 20. Burning In The Heat Of Love 21. My Baby Left Me That's Alright

DISC 3: 01. Give Us A Goal 02. Rock 'N' Roll Bolero 03. It's Alright Buy Me 04. Ginny Ginny 05. Sign Of The Times 06. Not Tonight Josephine 07. Okey Cokey 08. Don't Waste Your Time (Back Seat Star) 09. We'll Bring The House Down 10. Wheels Ain't Coming Down 11. Night Starvation 12. When I'm Dancin' I Ain't Fighting 13. Knuckle Sandwich Nancy 14. Lock Up Your Daughters 15. Rock And Roll Preacher 16. Til Deaf Do Us Part 17. Ruby Red 18. A Night To Remember 19. (And Now The Waltz) C'est La Vie 20. My Oh My 21. Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply

DISC 4: 01. Don't Tame A Hurricane 02. Ready To Explode 03. Run Runaway 04. Two Track Stereo One Track Mind 05. All Join Hands 06. Little Sheila 07. 7 Year Bitch 08. Leave Them Girls Alone 09. Myzsterious Mizster Jones 10. Do You Believe In Miracles 11. Still The Same 12. Gotta Go Home 13. That's What Friends Are For 14. You Boyz Make Big Noise 15. Ooh La La In L.A. 16. We Won't Give In 17. Let's Dance '88 18. Radio Wall Of Sound 19. Universe

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