Rickie Lee Jones is an American vocalist, musician, songwriter, and producer from the United States. Over the course of a three-decade career, Jones has recorded in various musical styles including rock, R&B, blues, pop, soul, and jazz standards.

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2005 - Duchess of Coolsville - An Anthology @320
Plenty of Jones's best songs are here, including her only true "hit," the poppy "Chuck E's in Love," and "The Horses," a beautiful ode to her daughter, co-written with Steely Dan's Walter Becker. For the Jones faithful, the third disc is the real revelation, since it includes a slew of previously unreleased live tracks and demos, in addition to collaborations with Dr. John, Bill Frisell, the Blue Nile, and others. Ideal for fans and newcomers alike, DUCHESS OF COOLSVILLE represents the full breadth of Jones's artistry. While it's baffling that there was no Rickie Lee Jones anthology before 2005's DUCHESS OF COOLSVILLE, this remarkable box set more than makes up for the absence. Co-produced by Jones herself, the three-disc Rhino compilation remains in line with the singer/songwriter's idiosyncratic aesthetic in the way it cleverly careens through her career. The first disc alone shifts from 2003's THE EVENING OF MY BEST DAY to 1993's TRAFFIC FROM PARADISE, then later presents a trio of songs from Jones's acclaimed self-titled '79 debut, before landing briefly on her 1997 trip-hop album, GHOSTYHEAD. Yet the set flows wonderfully, revealing the consistent quality of Jones's ever-changing musical vision. - cduniverse.com HERE

Personnel include: Rickie Lee Jones (vocals, guitar, keyboards); David Hidalgo (vocals, 8-string guitar); Dr. John (vocals, keyboards); Syd Straw (vocals); Rick Boston (various instruments); Steve Lukather, Buzz Feiten (guitar); Leo Kottke (acoustic guitar, slide guitar); Bill Frisell (electric guitar); Greg Phillinganes (keyboard); Randy Newman (synthesizer); Chuck Rainey (bass instrument); Rob Wasserman (double bass); Willie Weeks (bass guitar); Alex Acuna (drums, congas); Jeff Porcaro, Jim Keltner, Steve Gadd (drums); Lenny Castro (percussion).
01. A Tree On Allenford 02. Altar Boy 03. Beat Angels 04. Bitchenostrophy 05. Bye Bye Blackbird 06. Chuck E's In Love 07. Company 08. Coolsville 09. Cycles 10. Firewalker 11. Flying Cowboys 12. Ghost Train 13. Hey Bub 14. It Must Be Love 15. Living It Up 16. Magazine 17. On Saturday Afternoons In 1963 18. Pirates (So Long Lonely Avenue) 19. Sailor Song
DISC 2: 01. Satellites 02. Scary Chinese Movie 03. Skeletons 04. Stewart's Coat 05. The Horses 06. The Last Chance Texaco 07. Tigers 08. Traces of the Western Slopes 09. Ugly Man 10. Up From the Skies 11. Vessel of Light 12. We Belong Together 13. Weasel and the White Boys Cool 14. Woody and Dutch on the Slow Train to Peking
DISC 3: 01. Sunshine Superman 02. Makin' WhOOpee! (with Dr. John) 03. Autumn Leaves (with Rob Wasserman) 04. Atlas' Marker (The Aviator) Live (with Bill Frisell) 05. Easter Parade (with The Blue Nile) 06. My Funny Valentine (Live) 07. Something Cool (Live) 08. The Evening Of My Best Day (Live) 09. Young Blood (Demo) 10. After Hours (Twelve Bars Past Goodnight) (Demo) 11. Easy Money (Demo) 12. Rodeo Girl (Demo) 13. Satellites (Demo) 14. Rondo For 3 Apartments On 34th Street (Demo) 15. Atlas' Marker (Bruce Mix - Demo)

2009 - Balm In Gilead @VBR FANTASTIC NEW ALBUM!
When she started work on this album, Rickie Lee Jones was faced with the problem of how to progress from her last, The Sermon On Exposition ­Boulevard, a highly praised collection in which she reinterpreted Jesus's words. Her solution was to go back to old songs she had never quite finished, such as 1989's Wildgirl. Joined by Ben Harper, Vic Chesnutt and Alison Krauss, Jones opts for an enchanted, breathy delivery that hovers between country and jazz. It's roughly an album of two halves, the first warm and folky, the second soft and shimmering. While the latter section gets a bit droopy, the album as a whole rarely fails to beguile. A sweet duet with Harper, Old Enough, is worth the price of admission alone.

This highly anticipated new release features all-new material by the highly regarded and 2-time Grammy Award winning cult heroine Rickie Lee Jones. Includes guest artists Allison Krauss, Ben Harper, Victoria Williams, Bill Frisell, Jon Brion and Vic Chestnut! HERE

01. Wild Girl 02. Old Enough (feat. Ben Harper) 03. Remember Me (feat. Alison Krauss & Vic Chesnutt) 04. The Moon is Made of Gold 05. His Jeweled Floor (feat. Victoria Williams) 06. Eucalyptus Trail 07. The Blue Ghazel 08. The Gospel of Carlos, Norman and Smith (feat. Chris Joyner) 09. Bonfires
10. Bayless St.

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