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KEN HENSLEY - Elements: Anthology 1968-2005 (2006)

Two CDs and three-dozen tracks chart the glittering, if somewhat underplayed, career of the Heep keyboardist/singer: from the opening track Looking Glass by The Gods (all hissy psych-pop with Argent-esque keys) to the regal chorale and synths of Romance. In between, Head Machine’s syncopated acid rock on Climax, and Toe Fat’s echo-laden stridency on Working Nights, presage the main course of Heep classics. Granted, much of the material has been recycled more times than Thames water, but the emphasis is on Hensley’s playing, and his harpsichord tones on The Park contrast with the folk singalong of Lady In Black and the Jon Lord-like rock of Look At Yourself. Standouts include the pomp of Rainbow Dream and the Thin Lizzy-esque Blind Eye, before the cacophony of If I Had The Time. Then there’s the AOR of Can’t Keep A Good Band Down and Wise Man, before the solo years are presented through another 18 cuts, with a solitary Blackfoot interlude on Send Me An Angel. Ken’s own work veers between the early prog of BJH and even Tangerine Dream (From Time To Time), to majestic chorales a la The Moody Blues (Cold Autumn Sunday) and The Eagles-like Secret. It’s all mellifluous, atmospheric stuff, but the odd decent into blues/country-rock and jazz (In The Morning) would have been best avoided. - recordcollectormag.com HERE

The Gods:

01. Looking Glass
Head Machine:
02. Climax - You tried To Take It All
Too Fat:
03. Working Nights
Uriah heep:
04. The Park
05. Lady in Black
06. Look at Yourself
07. Tears in my Eyes
08. The Wizard
09. Rainbow Demon
10. Sunrise
11. Blind Eye
12. If I Had the Time
13. The Easy Road
14. A Year or a Day
15. Can't Keep a Good Band Down
16. Wise Man
17. Free Me
18. Falling in Love

Ken Hensley:

01. When the Evening Comes
02. From Time to Time
03. Rain
04. Proud Words
05. Fortune
06. Cold Autumn Sunday
07. Eager to Please
08. Secret
09. Through the Eyes Of a Child
10. In the Morning
11. How Shell I Know
12. The System
13. No more
14. New Routine
15. Send Me An Angel
Ken Hensley:
16. The Return
17. I Close My Eyes
18. Romance

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