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Hi ,
My name is Patrick and I am a singer/songwriter from Montreal, Canada. I found your contact info on your blog. I would like to offer you my newly released album Hype-Me for download (320kbps MP3). I think you will like it because it's very diversified it's like pop, rock, indie, experimental and a bit electro but all very melodic and well arranged. If you like the great music that come from Canada, specially Montreal this might be your chance to discover something new. :)

Hope you enjoy my music and feel free to offer those MP3 to download on your blog and review them or the album.
Thank you very much for your precious time.

Keep the good blogging

Patrick Pleau

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Patrick Pleau’s claim to fame came in 2007 along with his band Plajia and the release Beautiful Explosion; an album for which Patrick wrote the majority of the lyrics and music. Beautiful Explosion was nominated in 2008 for Archambault’s ‘Grand Prix de la relčve’ (with fellow nomeniees : Tricot Machine, Samian, Alfa Rococo, Gaële, Le Husky & Bruno Marcil).

Hype-Moi, Patrick’s first solo project produced by Bob & Bill (Guy Dubuc and Marc Lessard) ranges from urban to oneiric themes. Several songs also make light of his “Geek / Internet” persona; tongue-in-cheek references to his past reputations. Raised in a musical environment (Patrick’s father was a DJ), it is with this first francophone release that he refined his lyrical stylings which he describes as “Peter Pan-like controlled naiveté” with songs written between 2002 and 2008 (including previously unreleased tracks from Plajia). Hype-Moi could be considered as the logical follow-up to Beautiful Explosion, with more of a masterful production and craftier songs (as shown by its first radio-single; Bacolophobe). Though seemingly provocative, the album’s title Hype-Moi (Hype-Me) is a humorous invitation — one that should not be taken as a direct assault against critics but might recommend a different approach with which to showcase up-and-coming artists. Further following the example set by Beautiful Explosion, on Hype-Moi Patrick carefully utilizes sonic landscapes of popular 70s instruments such as Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer keys.

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