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FACES - Five Guys Walk Into A Bar... (2004)

01. Flying 02. On The Beach 03. Too Bad 04. If I’m On The Late Side 05. Debris 06. Jealous Guy 07. Evil (Rehearsal) 08. As Long As You Tell Him 09. Maggie May (Live/BBC) 10. Cindy Incidentally (Alternate Mix) 11. Maybe I’m Amazed (Live/BBC) 12. Insurance 13. I Came Looking For You (Rehearsal) 14. Last Orders Please 15. Wyndlesham Bay (Jodie) 16. I Can Feel The Fire (Live) 17. Tonight’s Number 18. Come See Me Baby (The Cheater)

DISC 2: 01. Pool Hall Richard 02. You’re My Girl 03. Glad And Sorry 04. Shake, Shudder, Shiver (Rehearsal) 05. Miss Judy’s Farm (Live/BBC) 06. Richmond 07. That’s All You Need 08. Rear Wheel Skid 09. Maybe I’m Amazed 10. (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right 11. Take A Look At The Guy (Live) 12. Flags And Banners 13. Bad ’N’ Ruin (Live/BBC) 14. Around The Plynth 15. Sweet Lady Mary 16. Had Me A Real Good Time 17. Cut Across Shorty (Live/BBC)

DISC 3: 01. You’re So Rude 02. (I Know) I’m Losing You (Live/BBC) 03. Love Lives Here 04. I’d Rather Go Blind (Live) 05. Hi-Heel Sneakers/Everybody Needs/Somebody To Love 06. Gettin’ Hungry 07. Silicone Grown 08. Oh Lord I’m Browned Off 09. Just Another Honky 10. Open To Ideas 11. Skewiff (Mend The Fuse) 12. Too Bad (Live) 13. Rock Me 14. Angel (Live/BBC) 15. Stay With Me (Live/BBC) 16. Ooh La La

DISC 4: 01. The Stealer (Live/BBC) 02. Around The Plynth/Gasoline Alley 03. You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything 04. I Wish It Would Rain (Live) 05. Miss Judy’s Farm (Live/BBC) 06. Love In Vain (Live/BBC) 07. My Fault (Live/BBC) 08. I Feel So Good (Rehearsal) 09. Miss Judy’s Farm 10. Three Button Hand Me Down 11. Cindy Incidentally 12. Borstal Boys 13. Flying (Live/BBC) 14. Bad ’N’ Ruin 15. Dishevelment Blues 16. Stay With Me

From 1969 to 1975 the Faces - Rod Stewart, Ian McLagan, Ron Wood, Ronnie Lane, and Kenney Jones - played their loose and joyful blues and soul-inflected rock 'n' roll with reckless abandon, consummate skill, and immeasurable charm. For those few years they were arguably the greatest band on the planet, and their influence has resonated ever since through the music of countless acts, from the Sex Pistols to The Replacements to The Black Crowes, and on and on. After the Faces dissolved in 1975, Stewart went on to solo superstardom, Wood to the Stones, Jones to The Who, McLagan to world - class session work and his own recordings, and Lane to acclaimed solo projects before he succumbed to multiple sclerosis in 1997. Greater than the sum of its parts, the Faces made now - immortal music for which there will never, ever be a last call.
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