nedjelja, 16.12.2012.

Exit strategy

When thy troops suffer a mighty blow and thy ranks shatter, it is wise that in the aftermath of the defeat one contemplates an exit strategy, as well.

Do not flee. Always stand your ground. When the loses outweigh the number of arrival of the new forces, it is wise to stand on a higher ground and regroup and revise your strategy.

Decision is to be made. Graciously if possible, firmly at all costs.

And fear not.

There will be another day to fight for…

PS: It is a bonus if one is able to conceive an exit strategy while handling the cooking operations as well. After all, troops are always hungry.

Sunday, 14th of December 2012
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četvrtak, 13.12.2012.

in error

Stuck in 7-13 category, br Freud's standars
Ability to float by not falling down - nah, just teasing, don't have that one. yet

It ashames me.
To have reacted as I did
What was I thinking?
With all the arsenal at my disposal, to go with a crude tactics, was just unforgivable!
Degrading rank.
It hurts me, that I have hurted you in the process.
To punish for freely giving out the truth.
When the truth should be rewared with trust.
And opening the next door, not closing one.

I have listened, though. And heard.
Something did make it through.
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back to the future

You may go through your entire life, and maybe you will never have that moment of clarity.

That moment when it finally all makes sence.

When you grasp that idea. And when it shatters through you, while you are stunned by its intensity and power.
Then you see it, cleary.
That this could be really it. Yes. That this is the right way, the only way to reach the Divine Equilibrium.
To let yourself go.
To really gain the control, you need first to let it go.
To let it be.
To give oneself completely to the other. Both ways. It has to be both ways.

That was the image, that was the feeling that materialized to me. Yesterday.


Today, there was the rapture, and tremors, and disconnection.


There are ways to see into the future.
There have always been.
We do it daily.
But think nothing of it.
Draw from all of your senses, from all of the little pieces, often not even noticed at first by working mind, and you will be able to project.
Feelings, even actions. Dreams, if not visualisation itself.
Today this portal is closed. But in the past, and in the future. It exist.

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