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četvrtak, 29.07.2010.

Breast cancer

As often occurs with breast cancer?
In the world of an annual register of more than 1 million cases of breast cancer. In San Francisco in 2003, fell ill around 1900 people. Over the past 25 years, the incidence of breast cancer in the Leningrad region risen by 200% in San Francisco about 150%.

Why is breast cancer?

In each case, clearly say why did the breast cancer is impossible. We can only varying degrees of credibility to talk about some of the factors. It is known that the cause of the cancer cells are mutations in normal cells of the breast. Under the action of carcinogens, genetic material in cells varies. The cells turn into cancer. It is known that the more often the cell divides, the more likely that sooner or later, under the action of carcinogens, is its transformation into a cancerous cell. In the case of breast cancer there are many factors that play a role in carcinogenesis, which they reinforce. Because elevated levels of estrogens or their relative abundance compared with other hormones are often found in women suffering from breast cancer. Other factors of importance in the development of breast cancer include: menstrual disorders, abortion and the absence of lactation, disruption of thyroid malfunctioning adrenal glands, etc. The men also found breast cancer, although much less frequently than women. Most often this disease occurs in men in the background of gynecomastia.

As seen with breast cancer?

Breast cancer. Symptom indentation
The main manifestation of breast cancer at early stages is the availability of education in the mammary gland. This structure reveals a woman herself, or it is detected at mammography, ultrasound or other methods of investigation. Without treatment the tumor grows in size, grows into the skin and / or chest wall. After cells enter the lymph vessels in the next few lymph nodes.

Cancer of the breast. Germination in the skin
Through the blood of cancer cells are spread throughout the body, giving rise to new tumors - metastasis. Most breast cancer metastases in the lungs, liver, bone, brain. The defeat of these bodies, as well as the disintegration of the tumor and leads to death.

How to detect breast cancer?

Ultrasound. Breast
The basic method of early detection of breast cancer is the X-ray study - mammography. The regular holding of this study can detect tumors at an early stage. To confirm the diagnosis in the presence of education in the mammary gland is also conducting a mammogram. In addition, always carry out a survey with the help of ultrasound (U.S.) and puncture of the breast. In life, most often to an oncologist calls herself a woman, who saw education in his chest.

Mammography. Breast
If, after inspection of suspected cancer, a doctor appointed by ultrasound, mammography and performs the puncture of the breast (biopsy). In order to assess the prevalence of tumor using bone scintigraphy (radioisotope study), ultrasound of abdominal organs, lung radiography, computed tomography, etc.

What is self?

Self - a survey and feeling breasts by the woman. This measure allows to identify the tumor at earlier stages. Self-examination is conducted once a month. First, are examined in the mirror. The following signs shall be binding on the reason for treatment to the doctor - retraction of the skin, visually determined by education, "orange peel". Next is feeling. If you find a tumor, a discharge from the nipple should refer to an oncologist. For details, see the article "Diagnosis of diseases of the mammary glands"

How to treat breast cancer?

The main treatment for breast cancer is a complex treatment. This approach involves the use of surgical intervention (usually is the removal of all breast cancer or mastectomy), chemotherapy, hormone therapy and radiotherapy. In the early stages of cancer may only operation. For large tumors and / or metastatic disease in regional lymph nodes (mostly in the armpit) in a single operation is needed. Necessary to carry out radiation and chemotherapy. Choice of treatment depends on many factors - the structure of the tumor, its growth rates, age of patients, ovarian function, etc.

What is the organ of treatment?

Organ-preserving treatment involves maintaining authority in the surgical treatment. Thus, in the case of breast cancer, performed the operation that removes only part of the breast, for example, radical resection. A compulsory component of this treatment is radiotherapy. Cosmetic results of operations in most cases, satisfied patients.
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