†kršćanski rock†

rat protiv sotone se ne vodi mržnjom;djela milosrđa i praštanja,zlu su potpuno strana i nepojmljiva-najveća mudrost đavla jest ta,da nas uvjeri da zlo ne postoji-đavo poznaje mnoge tajne ali ne zna onu najveću;tajnu stvaranja,zato sve što je stvoreno pokušava iskriviti i prokleti

Hosanna Hosanna Breathless wonderment
Hosanna Hosanna The perfect sacrament

There's a fallen angel on a throne
in every capital city
Ruling with "wisdom" that manipulates
the children of this century
Pulling the kings like puppets on strings
bowing their knees to him
but i'm dancing on the head of the serpent
i'm dancing on the head of the serpent

I Didn't Care And Too Much About Anything
I Started To Use Drugs
The Devil He Worked Hard On Me
But One Day There Was Jesus Knocking On My Door
Asking Do You Want To Be A Singer In My Band
He's No Longer In His Grave
He's Risen From The Dead
He's No Longer In His Grave
Jesus is Risen From The Dead

It’s time you realize what he has done for you
Just open up your eyes and face the truth
Why don’t you realize what God has done for you
He sent His only Son to die for you
And He died for you and I Oh Jesus
And He died for you and I Oh Jesus
(sacred warrior)

As the crown's blood stained His vision
The spears punctured His slender side
Nails of hatred driven deeply
The Lamb was tortured, sent to die
Now the last ten steps in silence
His cause upon His failing strength
Carried The Cross in silence
The weight of Sacrificial Death
(the awakening)

Without hate, without pain
Without suffering insane
Without death, without fire
Without lies that feed the liar
Without war, without games
Without fear to take the blame
Without fame, without power
Without drugs to heal the coward
Without violence, without rape
Without sickness, without plagues
Without judgment, without crime
Without hope, without time
Without two, without three
Without torture over belief
Bring us love
Let us see
Set us Free
(saviour machine)

I cry out to You
With the love that fills my heart
I give my life to You
In faith I won't depart

Am I too lost to be saved?
Am I too lost?
My God! My tourniquet
Return to me salvation

I'm walkin' in faith
Show you Lord
I'm strong enough to stay
I know what right and wrong is
I'm talkin' in faith
the promises You made
I mean to take.

I. Possibility cannot,
account for actuality.
Whatever can come to be,
is caused in order to be.
II. Nothing cannot be something.
I am but can not be.
My existence depends on,
what is but cannot not be.
III. Every effect has a cause,
principle of causality.
The existence of God is,
theistic relativity.
the God the heart needs,
the mind only grieves

And blindly we held your hand
and threw you down.
We cursed your name,
turned our backs and begged you
to embrace us.
(demon hunter)

Behold He comes from the cross
Where He suffered for our souls
Behold the King of Life
Is entering the fields of death
In the dark empire of death
A light is shining through the mist
As the Lord of Life and Death
Enters the gates of pure evil
By the sight of Him
The demons are shaking
And the power of darkness flees
And death for His feet is slain
Predetermined through the ancient prophesies
The incarnation of God and His victory
Over death through purity and holiness
His name is forever to be praised

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now I'm found
Was blind but now I see so clearly
Hallelujah, grace like rain falls down on me
Hallelujah, all my stains are washed away, washed away
(tod agnew)

Beat the devil down...
Born again, hallelujah
I beat the devil
I beat the devil and I beat him down
Praise the Lord, hallelujah
I beat the devil
I beat the devil and I beat him down
(rackets & drapes)

i can feel your love in my life
all i can hear is the sound of your voice
and it’s calling me, well you’ve called my name
and i will go and praise your name
(radial angel)

In my God, in His smile,
Nothing is impossible
Every day brings an awesome hope
Grace will lead the way
And joy will follow
My heart leaps at the sound of Your voice
Calling my name
(living sacrifice)

I was living on the edge of my destruction
I just followed my head
I didn´t care adout what they said
I put trust in noone
And noone trusted me
Then he came and changed my life
Gave me a chance to paradise
A changing wind called Jesus Christ

God has given me peace and comfort all along.
As I have cried out to His grace the joy is overwhelming.
He has the power to heal, He has the power to save,
as we trust in his mercy we know that we are safe.

Christ is here to wash your ways, Christ is here to bring you hope,
Christ is here to crush your pain, Holy One invade my world.
Healing of my Lord come to me, intwine the graft to be alive,
blood bond of the past perfect remains
father, son, and the lord your healing plan

To God in heaven, be the glory
To God in heaven, be the glory
Great things my Saviour, he has done
And greater things are yet to come

Sola Gratia
Covenant to covenant
Salvation never changed
Sola Gratia
Sola Fide
Credited as righteousness
Looking far ahead
Sola Fide
Sola Christus
Christ alone completed me
Sola Christus

nedjelja, 13.08.2006.


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