Unforgiven 2

nedjelja, 05.06.2005.

Future/What is to be

In every spot of hate
And every burst of hope
There lies a dormant tide
A wave that's never late;
All that we can't cope with
All from which we can't hide
Sleeps and dreams in idle fate
Within this stagnant tide.


Who knows what the future brings...

It's not important if we're ready for it or not, it'll still come...


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subota, 04.06.2005.

To the same

All and every beam of light,
Caressing thoughts of loneliness,
Hath kindled dreams of pure delight;
Thy sky-blue eyes and lovely tress….
Until we meet I fear those dreams
Ne'er shall become fulfilled;
Gaily thoughts thou they may seem
Beyond the truth all life is killed…
And all I ask is one embrace
But I well know that’s out of reach
Yearn or not to see your face

To let it go you'll never teach me…

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petak, 03.06.2005.


Eh, once again I stand upon the breach
And my soul is a stagnant tide
An abyss too far, too out of reach
So I can but long to be by your side

Don't you look here for some meaning;
If you're looking for some reason
Than you're thoughts are vainly leaning
Towards a logic that's out of season

By some twisted form of chance
And a fate that's slowly sinking
Your sweet poem I did glance
And betook myself to linking…

While deep within I felt stunned
And could not believe my weary eyes
By your order reality shunned
Came back haunting with desperate cries

I beg your pardon, I don't smile!
Well, maybe just a grin or two
And that's only, said reality vile,
Cause you, honey, force me to

And what's this laughing business here?
When did you see me light-hearted?
Well, okay, that's true when you're near
But not when we're so roughly parted

And me without a clue?
I can't be ignorant even if I act
Well, only when I'm around you…
Or anybody else, as a matter of fact…

Hm, come to think about it,
I'm more confused than I appear…
But still, I do see it fit
To bitch some more while I'm here

So bear with me a few more verses
That relate to your fair soul
Hold within all sighs and curses
Until this poem becomes whole ;)

You – stubborn? A likely tale!
You are as soft as a marble form
And your voice but a springtime gale
(During a clamorous thunderstorm…)

Your hand I keep safely in a damn thick vault
The key thrown away to be sure, just in case;
And when I think about it now, I pause and halt
Cause without a key even I can't get into that place

My questions are quite simple,
It's your answers that are hard
Masking all behind each wimple
But still they're straightforward

Oh, yeah, it's an irony of living
That you tell me more by absent words
Then by monologues you could be giving
To other people in deaf-eared hordes

So all kidding aside, you're one of a kind
And I hope that you realize that;
And I'm really not sure I could ever hope to find
Another like you, a canine pussycat :)


Larpurlartizam na stranu, ovaj put mi je poruka bila važnija :)

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nedjelja, 29.05.2005.

Warm Nights

Nightingales and childish tales
Endless poems and summer gales
Vanity enraged in though
Even time can't kill what yearned
Relentlessly for all it sought

Gordian knots and minstrel dreams
Insight lost in gold-blue beams
Vaned complexion in bluish eyes
Eternal strle condemns all lies

Under clouds that sail the blue
Pleading cries come streaming through

Lethe, not caring where it flows
Arrests the passion that fully knows
Sweetling's rapture and idle days
Succumbed by pain and mourning ways
In dreams the dumb sing gentle rhymes
Even speak of better times…




Trebao bi spavati, al ne mogu.


Oh, well.

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utorak, 17.05.2005.

To a child....

Aphrodite – in a mourning veil
Cast of thy sorrow and emblems of shame
Thou canst but once in essence fail
If thy words should deny thy fabled name

Deny it not – for this I plead;
I see the heavens in all that thou art.
All my words you need not heed
Just bear in mind they comes from my heart

And I mean it all – every word and line
For no verse can express my feelings for thee;
And although thou canst never solely be mine
I can still love for thou art a friend to me.

I know it seems hard and walls tend to press
And breathing seems hard with every caress
That life tends to give with a wayward touch
And nothing *is* although it seems as such.
I know you can't breath when feelings arise
And thou canst not turn and look at the skies
In fear that they'll fall and crush all below
Killing all hope that dares just to glow…

All stars can fall from the heavens above
But *nothing* can kill an honest love…

Not a big comfort, but, lass, what the hell
Maybe we'll die but we'll go with a yell…


Nisam htio staviti, ali jesam. Ne znam zašto. Zbog ove duge strofe, najvjerojatnije (a nema smisla bilo što izbacivati sad jer mi najbolje funkcionira u komadu).

Ne znam. Nit me nije briga više.

Glupost, ali život u denialu je ponekad zgodan. Licemjeran sam. So sue me.

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ponedjeljak, 09.05.2005.

Lethean river

A fabled stream, a land that's dead
And dead do rule all eyes can see
Here shines a light through verses said;
The river sings and calls to me

Who am I to hold my peace?
I sing right back to this warning stream
I speak of snakes and a daydreamed kiss
She jokes but still she sings my dream

A reflection in the stillness stirred
I smiled at what appeared to me –
Flaming hair that 'round her whirled;

My sweet angel in the light of dawn,
Enwrapped in sorrow and in beauty –
But still just a frightened fawn…


And now for something completely different…

Well, not really. I just thought I'd try a sonnet. The ending is a bit rough rhythm-wise, but other than that I think I said what I wanted to say…

Actually, when I think about it, I'm not sure I could ever do that… But I can sure as hell try.

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subota, 07.05.2005.

Within the cradle

An infant, a child, that sleeps by day
A woman grown that dreams away
All her dreams within a thought
Losing all she ever sought
Not her fault, not her choice
Not her words, not her voice
Not her image carved so deep
Into a youth deprived of sleep
Awoken years before her birth
Gained much wisdom but lost her mirth
Lost all that she could never find
Within the confines of her mind
A mind that does not yearn for life
But cries at night harassed by strife

I lend a hand and always fail
To shake her out of a dreamless sleep
I cry when she ignores her veil
When tears run down through craters deep

Perchance one day she'll see the light
Of sunshine gleaming through her smile
I just hope that 'fore her night
She'll realize her life's denial…


Uspio sam se barem malo smiriti... Još uvijek sam bijesan, na sebe, na sve...

Toliko da niti ne pišem na engleskome.

Ova se tiče sweet child o' minea, koja još uvijek spava, progonjena noćnim morima kroz hodnike vlastite mašte...

Nisam bijesan na nju. Ili jesam? Ne bi se čudi, na sve sam ljut... na cijeli prokleti ljudski rod... Ali nisam. Ne, ne mogu biti ljut na nju.

Najradije bi nekoga zadavio.

Jesam li ljut zbog nje?

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nedjelja, 01.05.2005.

To one I know

Although I feel the warmth inside,
Creation of a love untol'd;
Heaven now discreetly hides
Terrors of what 'round me roll'd.
Utter joy or loaded gun
Never will the truth unfoll'd;
Gloomily I ask for none
But I do wish to love and hold
All that I cannot embrace...
Before I deemed all wants too cold
Yet now I want to see her face...


Inspiration out of the blue... I think it turned out pretty well.


Then again, what do I know?

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petak, 29.04.2005.

In between

I sit down and wonder at what will it take
To resize your horizon to fit in your eyes
I wish I could gamble, but too much is at stake
To allow the truths to turn into lies

You don't understand and can't read the words
Nor in between of the lines that I write
Each of us knows that what we heard
And we hear that which we deem that we might

Foolish are you for kindling such thought
Foolish am I for thinking of you
Although you're everything I ever sought
You are all that I lost, and there is nothing to do

Nothing but sit here and plead for you hand
If only in friendship to bask in your light
While walking through this abandoned land
In you I find shelter before the curtains of night

Not even a messenger of gods can upset
The feelings I feel for your heart alone
Insanity's grip can take hold if I let
My heart to control what is written in stone…

Be that as may, and come all that might
Forever I stand, fixed by your side
I stand my ground on this desolate night
Squeeze tight your hand and all hits abide…


This one... is connected to someone (well, they all are, obviously). Life can be wasted by not living...

Every man dies... not every man truly lives.

Every man listens... not every man truly hears.

Open your eyes.

Open your mind.

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utorak, 26.04.2005.

To one I saw

I knew thee not – still I must say
You are a mystery that passed me by
But 'twas luck thou didst cross my way
If only to impose one hearty sigh

Thy stance, thy name, they did awake
A strange sensation and memories past
But that chance I did not seize nor take
Although the meeting was indeed our last

We knew our names – yet did not meet
Nor exchange words, although we could
If we did, it would be a feat
For I'm not sure if we truly would

Words have no meaning when nothing is said
Thus I must fear that nothing would be
Even as watching I reclined my head
I knew what thou art is not what I see

In thy form I saw a reflection of her
As I do in all that's around
In thine eyes I saw for what I yearn
Although I'm not sure at what I found…

But still I hope we shall meet once more
If only to greet thee that next time
For the words expressed shall thenceforth be yours
And the pleasure, I'm sure, shall be all mine.


This one's for... well, a girl I once saw.

Just passing by, really... but, still, it was enough to make me wonder.

I'm in a Byron phase right now... wonder how long it'll last.

(Byron must be turning in his grave right about now...)

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