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04.05.2007., petak

+CW TV je došao na ideju da sastavi jednu novu grupu koja će bit poput Dollsica evo vam to sve na engleskom:

Want to apply for the next season of The Pussycat Dolls Present?

This time, we're forming a whole new group!

If you think you have what it takes to be a part of a new group inspired by the PCD's, here's what to do:

Step 1: Download the application and fill it out.

Step 2: Make an audition videotape that shows a two (2) minute routine. You MUST sing and dance in the performance. Each audition should also include up to one (1) additional minute demonstrating your personality, telling the Producers about yourself, and telling the producers why you love the Pussycat Dolls and why you'd make a perfect addition to a hot new group. Above all, BE CREATIVE!!

Step 3: Send the application, a non-returnable photo of yourself, and your video submission to:

The Pussycat Dolls Present - Casting Director
2801 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

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+It appears Asia -- the reality show contestant who won a spot with the Pussycat Dolls -- won't be purring with the girls after all. No kitty, no!

PCD held a concert in Atlanta last night, and diva-in-training Asia was not in the scantily clad lineup. As TMZ first reported last week, sources say Asia, who won CW's "The Search for the Next Doll," isn't "the best match" for the group, but at the time, we were told by Warner Bros. that Asia "is absolutely a member ... and will tour with the group and record for the Dolls' second album." So what gives?

Calls to the group were not returned, but things aren't looking so hot for Asia -- the reality show has been green-lit for another season and TMZ spotted Robin Antin, the creator of the group, dancing with the runners-up on the series, Chelsea and Melissa, last night at the Stoli Hotel in Hollywood.

Watch Melissa R. & Robin Antin dance

+Jessica´s new blog:
Hello everyone!

I miss you so much! We have been on tour in the states and it has been so fun but so hard at the same time! But I feel like it was a wonderful run and to top it all off we end in Miami, my hometown! I can't wait!

I just want to say thank you so much Donna for my beautiful necklace! I Can't wait to wear it for the show. It's beautiful. And thank you so much Emma and Tori for my picture frame, candles and beautiful book. I loved reading and looking through it. Thanks to all the fans that wrote in. It means a lot to me and I love you all!


Jess aka pinupdoll!

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The new doll!!!

29.04.2007., nedjelja

+Nova Dollsica je izabrana - Asia, evo jedan intervju s njom

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Congratulations! You’ve finally become the next Pussycat Doll.
Asia: Thank you, thank you.
How does it feel?
Asia: It feels so great you know. It’s a dream come true and I’m just enjoying every moment right now.
For those that might not know, how did you end up being on the show and what exactly inspired you to try out to be he Next Doll?
Asia: Well I’ve wanted to be a performer since I was a little girl. I’ve been dancing and singing my whole life, so that’s my dream. And then when I heard of the opportunity, that they were having auditions for another member, I went straight for it. You know, anything to complete my dream.
Throughout the competition you talked a lot about your daughter being your inspiration. Did you ever have second thoughts while you were actually in the midst of the competition?
Asia: I mean, of course you always have your doubts and everything, but you always have to keep going and never give up, you know, that’s how you get anywhere.
During last night’s episode, I don’t know how else to really put it, but you and Melissa R. were definitely at each other’s throats. Was there always tension between you two throughout the competition, and why do you think things seemed to escalate as much as it did when it came down to the wire?
Asia: I mean obviously the fight didn’t happen until the end of the show. There was no real tension before that. I mean, it was a stressful situation. It was a competition. You know, we all had different emotions and you know it was in the heat of the moment. We got into an argument just like how any group of friends would, or your brothers and sisters would, and then you get over it afterwards.
So do you keep in touch with any of the girls from the show still?
Asia: Yes I do. The girls are great. They’re all really great people. I really became close with Brittany and Melissa S. You know we speak all the time and I speak to Jamie and Mariela and you know, the other girls we text message each other. We still maintain a relationship.
So how much pressure were you feeling going into your final performances?
Asia: Oh, it was so scary. Especially being one of the final three you know, because you know that you’re that close and it could be any one of you at this point. And you know, you just…you want to hit it, you want to nail it; you don’t want to regret anything. So I was pretty happy with how things went.
After you did your solo performance, how confident did you feel about your chances of actually wining the competition?
Asia: I mean I always had confidence throughout the whole competition but I also knew that the other girls were really great competitors and were talented as well. So I knew it could be any man’s game, and you know, whoever won would have been deserving.
There’s a lot of anticipation waiting for the judges to make their final decision. What was going through your mind during that time period?
Asia: I was just thinking of all the people that I love, you know, my daughter, my mom, my family. And I was just praying that it was me that won. You know, I didn’t want to deal with any more rejection. I just wanted to win it, you know?
So how did it feel on stage performing for the first time officially as a Pussycat Doll?
Asia: It felt great. You know that’s what I came there to do. I couldn’t wait to get on the stage with those girls and I’m happy I had the opportunity just to be next to these talented, beautiful women. And it was an honor.
Can you tell us what’s in store for you now? What happens now that you’ve become the newest member of The Pussycat Dolls? What can fans expect?
Asia: I really don’t know what’s going to happen next. I just won. I’m taking it all in and I’m excited so we’ll be speaking with the label in a few and we’ll see what happens from there

na ovoj stranici pogledajte snimke realityja, finala

+FHM´s list of The Sexiest Woman in the world

1. Jessica Alba
2. Keeley Hazell
3. Eva Longoria
4. Adriana Lima
5. Scarlett Johansson
6. Hayden Panettiere
7. Cheryl Tweedy
8. Angelina Jolie
9. Emily Scott
10. Elisha Cuthbert
11. Eva Mendes
12. Keira Knightley
13. Evangeline Lilly
14. Christina Aguilera
15. Rachel Stevens
16. Kelly Brook
17. Sarah Harding
18. Beyonce Knowles
19. Alessandra Ambrosia
20. Cameron Diaz
21. Jessica Simpson
23. Gemma Atkinson
24. Jessica Biel
25. Kate Middleton

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+50Centu će na nejgovom sljedećem albumu nazvanom "Curtis" gostovat i Nicole

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i još nešto... vidjela sam na nekim blogovima moje slike i vijesti da su kopirane i to bez pitanja... dajte ljudi koji vam je problem pitat?? pa ja ću vam dat al me jako ljuti kad netko nešto uzme bez pitanja... ubuduće me pitajte ok?

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I´m back... po 100. put XD

14.04.2007., subota

naslov sve kaže^^ ne znamd al ću i dalje pisat postove sad imam pvt blog klikni tu pa ga posjetite ako želite... evo nekoliko novosti...

*NTL, novi boyband na sceni nastupa s Pussycat Dolls. Njihov prvi album su producirali Timbaland, The Underdog & Pharrel

*Nicole & Fiona Forbes click to see

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*Nicole in Vibe Magazine. Na naslovnici je R.Kelly a časopis je već u prodaji. click to see scans

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P.S. ostavim vam poslije komentare, sad ne stignem...

kissam vas sve :)

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Blog o aktualnoj ženskoj grupi The Pussycat Dolls. Svako javno kopiranje ove stranice ili nekog njezinog djela bit će prijavljeno kao i uvrijedljivi komentari i lanci sreće. Hvala!

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Inside every women there´s a pussycat just ready to get out XoXo luv ya all =)


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Meet The Dolls

Nicole Sherzinger:
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Nicole Elikolani Prescovia Scherzinger rođena je 29. lipnja 1978. u Honolulu na Havajima. U njen život je usljedila životna šansa-casting za ''Popstars''!Uspjela je impresionirati žiri i postati članica Eden's Crush!...Živjela je životom zvijezde.A onda je bend pukao nakon samo godinu dana postojanja!
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Carmit Bachar:
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Najstarija Dollsica, rođena je 4. rujna 1974.g. Ima prirodno plavu kosu ali se boji u vatreno crvenu.
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Jessica Sutta:
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Jessica je rođena 15.svibnja 1982. godine u Miamiu. Bavila se baletom ali je na kraju odustala od toga.
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Kimberly Wyatt:
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Kimberly je rođena 4.veljače 1982. godine u Warrensburgu. Pleše od svoje sedme godine i uglavnom smišlja koreografiju za Dollsice
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Ashley Roberts:
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Ashley je rođena 14.rujna 1981. godine u Phoenixu. U bendu je još zovu ''Barbie doll''
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Melody Thronton:
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Ona je najmlađa dollsica,rođena je 28.rujna 1982. godine u Phoenixu. Vidjela je dollsice na MTV-u i prijavila se na audiciju,kada je 2003 postala i članica.
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A ovo je prvi postav Dollsica (Christina Applegate je ona koja pokazuje ssssh a Carmit ona sa crvenom kosom)
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Bivše članice:
Cyia Batten
Nadine Ellis
Staci Flood
Kasey Campbell
Rachel Sterling
Rebecca Pickering
Kaya Jones
Carmen Electra
Kiva Dawson
Erica Gudis
Lindsley Allen
i Christina Applegate u čijoj su garaži uvježbavale plesne pokrete


Double The Trouble = soon

Pussycat Dolls: Live from London

Don´t Cha ft. Busta Rhymes
Beep ft. Will.I.Am.
Wait A Minute ft. Timbaland
Buttons ft. Snoop Dogg
I Don´t Need A Man
Bite The Dust
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Don´t Cha
Santa Baby

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