Thyra's world

04.08.2005., četvrtak


Somewhere behind this world
Somewhere where warm breeze blows
Is a place I wanna be
Is place where I wanna burry my soul

Place where angels don’t cry
Place where they don’t break their wings
Place where love is really blind
Place that joy brings

Don’t shad tear on my grave
Cause I wasn’t happy here
Son of Down was to close to me
Now my Savior I will see

With heart full of sorrow
I was living in this world
Thinking that I have been forsaken
That He gave up on me

Cold breeze was piercing my soul
Words of unkind man stabbing my heart
Cry of unborn child pushing me to perish
Better world to live I’ve wished

Drear sound of hope was echoing in my mind
Empty as plates in Third world
Wasn’t giving me what I need
Wasn’t giving me what I sought for

So let me go to play with angels
Take this blackness off of me
Glided me with memories
Don’t make me become oblivion

Finally I will be happy
Finally I will be free
I will always be above you
Watching you
To fly, you will have my wings

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