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03.09.2008., srijeda

Then we went out to wash the buildings. Clean buildings fill your eyes with sunlight, and your heart with the idea that man is perfectible.


There is a river of girls and women in our streets. There ase so many that the cars are forced to use the sidewalks. The women walk in the street proper, the part where, in other cities, trucks and bicycles are found. They stand in windows too unbuckling their shirts, so that we will not be displeased.


The height of his ambition was to tumble the odd chambermaid now and then, whereas I have loftier ambitions, only I don't know what they are, exactly. Probably I should go out and effect a liasion with some beauty who needs me, and save her, and ride away with her flung over the pommel of my palfrey, I believe I have that right. But on the other hand, this duck-with-blue-cheese sandwich that I am eating is mightily attractive and absorbing, too.

"Snow White", Donald Barthelme

Također, vjerujem da je svijet u osnovi neizmjenjiv i da su akcije udaljene i neuhvatljive, dok je djelovanje samo prolazak, a što sve svakodnevno promatranje negira, koje isto ne negira duboku mi istinu koja dolazi prije vjerovanja, a koji vezani par ne volim.

Oću reć da sam malo zaglavia u nekoj letargiji. I da tipkam na čudan dekoncentrirani način, koji mislim traži miran san.

E, uz to, iznenađuje me upornost ljeta u trajanju. Kad se osjećaj za vrijeme formira oko godišnjeg odmora, prirodni ciklus održavaju bube koje lete di ne trebaju.

- 21:31 - commentary, controversy, chatter, chit-chat (2) - Isprintaj - #

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This is one of his earlier lessons in being preterite: he won't escape any of the consequences he sets up for himself now, not unless it's by accident.