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subota, 12.11.2011.

Just doubled has doubled yiqian wrote had of text

Thin numbers, half the time since I wrote anything. Until the fall, was once like write something this season, during this time wrote poems of the night thoughts

, Wrote at this time last year the dream of early autumn. Still remember when writing poetry scene, a man standing near the hostel balcony window, listening to beautiful piano pieces, to the Chin glassy eyes staring down people coming and going on a path, occasionally blowing cold wind, smashed the train of thought, back in my memory. A year has passed in haste, but also to late autumn, is the intention to write something.

Just doubled has doubled yiqian wrote had of text, messy of mind in suddenly full has melancholy, in this quietly of night scattered, swooped down on cannot restraint of dreams in, I wanted to, in such a complex noisy of life in the, even to has night also does not was note a with pen copying like water years of people 's, may, had too more of better we are has lost, those engraved of beat, those precipitation in heart of distressed, those after never was touch touch of truth, also are has disappeared out, like at this time of night--gradually deep to. We were years exile, like a grain of dust, scattered in the wind, and gradually into the world. Some time ago, one evening boring to look at the blog entries and photos on the Web for all, and later in a person's album a school newspaper was found in the electronic version of the picture, a closer look, each version has album master's article and an article I, suddenly I'm amazed. Those days of writing poetry, songs cry the day Hu constitutes a fine picture-picture in my mind one by one in Flash. Rain-ripple, the time flow in the past for so long, I've finally seen most clearly that time until today. At this point, the shallow Moon glowing yellow leaves out, maybe next second what yellow leaves on the ground, and even I haven't finished this sentence when there are countless film yellow leaf movement has already slim body and time to say good-bye. Flourishing of all life is a journey song, like a dream, mixed with loss, even so, the past such as surreal listening and circulation between the words get in the way of details, like a cup of tea, around the corner I carefully studied Cheap WOW Gold, eating slowly, sometimes never pulled the heart open hearts, and that's it.

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